Angel Music: 7 Of Our Fav Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Performances!

It is Official! The Victoria’s Secret performers have been announced and we are… not very excited. This year’s line up will feature unknown bands Great Big World and Neon Jungle along with the newly resurrected Fall Out Boy and country-pop princess Taylor Swift. I listened to Great Big World and Neon Jungle and my review is that they are fabulous! Neon Jungle is reminiscent of an early Icona Pop and Great Big world is like a better quality, more mature version of One Direction. However, Fall Out Boy has been off the radar for nearly a decade and Taylor Swift is a famously slut-shaming goody-goody. Not at all up to the standards of the women who walk head held high, wearing nearly nothing in front of all of millions of international viewers. The truth is that, despite a heart-stopping performance by Rihanna last year, the quality of performers at the show has been decreasing for the past couple of years (we’re looking at you Justin Bieber). So, due to a wave of nostalgia, here is a look back at the good old days of sexy Victoria’s Secret performers:

1. Destiny’s Child: Is it any wonder that the group who brought you “Independent Woman” were a musical guest for this most important celebration of strong, independent women? The tantalizing triumvirate of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams performed at the 2002 fashion show back in the days of Tyra and Gisele. Sounds almost to sexy to air on television…

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show
2. Justin Timberlake: It’s hard to tell who brought sexy back at the 2006 fashion show, Justin or the likes of Alessandra, Karolina and Doutzen. A far trade off from last year’s Justin performance for sure!

3. The Spice Girls: Just as each VS Angel has a personality of her own, so do those 5 It girls of the 90’s. Victoria’s Secret had the stroke of brilliance to reunite them for the ’07 show and I only wish that I could have been there in person to see Posh Spice strutting her stuff next to the equally posh likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Miranda Kerr!

The Spice Girls, Emma Burton, Melanie Ch
4. Maroon 5: There is so much right with the fact that Maroon 5 was a musical guest at the 2011 VS show. For one thing, Adam Levine was, at the time, dating one of the models, Anne V. And now he is still dating one of the models. In fact, he is engaged to supermodel Behatti Prinsloo. Now those two are going to have some seriously sexy kids!

5. Kanye West: I will forgive Kanye dating the not so stylish Kim Kardashian, because this guy is pretty stylish in his own right. A genuinely talented rapper, if a little strange. And I will admit, it wasn’t bad seeing Adriana Lima get fierce to “Stronger”.

6. Jay-Z: The surprise duet of Jay’z and Kanye was the highlight of the show! To this day, I am not sure that Victoria’s Secret can top the 2011 musical guest combo.

Jay-Z and Kanye West perform during the
7. Rihanna: Last year, bad girl RiRi stole the show… not that there was much to steal from. Justin Bieber looked like he was going to have an adolescent orgasm just by walking past the lingerie goddesses and Bruno Mars doesn’t seem to be able to do much but whine about his lost loves. Then again, neither does Taylor. Hopefully next year will have something a bit more impressive for us.

Written by: Amanda Lang

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