7 Assumptions You Need To Stop Making About Single Girls

1. That We’re Looking

There’s nothing worse than a guy who starts flirting with you by asking if you have a boyfriend. Just because we are single, does not mean that we are interested and available to you. The common misconception is that guys assume that just because we don’t have a boyfriend, means that we want a boyfriend.

2. That We’re Crushing On Someone

It’s kind of like those relatives who ask if you have a boyfriend every time you go home for the holidays, and never seem to take no for an answer. It’s like they assume that we’re lying about having a boyfriend, and that there’s obviously some guy involved in our life. The truth is that we really don’t always have guys in our life, and even if there are guys in our life we might still not be crushing on them. Being a single girl means that we take care in choosing our future boyfriend, and not just anyone is going to make the cut.

3. That We’re Broke

Whoever said that you save money by having a boyfriend clearly didn’t know how to be a strategic single girl. Sure, a boyfriend buys you dinner, drinks, and sometimes even gifts…but so do guys that are trying to get laid? Instead of being tied down to one guy for all the spoiling, being single means that you can have five guys on speed dial the next time you want a free meal!

4. That We’re Horny

I will admit that usually relationship sex is better than casual sex, but not always. Not to mention that relationship sex can get boring as hell if you don’t mix things up occasionally. Being single doesn’t mean that we’re not getting satisfied, it just means that we’re getting satisfied because we want to, not because we have to in attempts to save our relationship or please a boyfriend.

5. That We Don’t Like Guys

Just because we’re not interested in a certain guy, does not mean that we are not interested in any guys. Hell, if more of us were lesbians than we probably wouldn’t be single anymore, it’s the guys that tend to be the problem.

6. That We’re Jealous Of Our Taken Friends

You caught us; we’re so, so jealous of our friends with boyfriends. We wish we had someone to check up on us every second like a babysitter, someone to argue with after a long day, and someone to push us off the bed in the middle of the night…not. The most common misconception about single girls is that we aren’t single by choice, that we’re simply waiting for a guy to come and swoop us off our feet. What guys don’t understand is how sometimes we’re happier by ourselves than with some dude.

7. That We’re Sluts 

One funny thing that happens in our society is that women are somehow shielded by slut-shaming once they enter a relationship. It’s as if a guy suddenly wipes clean all of her history before him and she’s suddenly The Virgin Mary. Not that you should be calling anyone a slut regardless, but we single girls don’t deserve the title more than girls with boyfriends do. No, we don’t go home to the same guy every night, and yes, sometimes we have casual sex, but that wifed up girl was doing the same shit before she had a boyfriend (even if she tries to lie about it to her new boo.) It’s not that single girls can’t stay loyal, it’s that we’re not willing to stay faithful to a dude who won’t be faithful to us.

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