6 Ways To Look Like You Have It All Figured Out This Squadsgiving

Are you one of those people who hates the term Squadsgiving?  If so, stop reading now because I plan on using this word a lot. 

Even though I don’t subscribe to the Gospel according to Taylor Swift, I appreciate the word squad and everything it suggests.  While the word friend is a loose term that we use to describe people we barely know and maybe even hate a little, the word squad denotes a sense of intimacy and strength.  Your squad is made up of your very best friends who bring out the best in you.  They’re the people you actually roll with, and not the people that you’d say hi to and then ditch once you got into the club. 

The same goes for Squadsgiving vs. Friendsgiving.  When I think back to all the Friendsgivings I’ve had, there’s always something second-tier about them.  Something lesser.  Like, it’s not a real Thanksgiving, but it’s the best you and your friends can come up with under the circumstances. 

A Squadsgiving is a real Thanksgiving. And here are 6 ways you can look like your most put together self for yours: 

#1: Wear Makeup That Can Be All Night

Nothing’s worse than showing up to the party looking fresh, only to find that at the end of the night you look like you just got hit with a truck.  Don’t wear concealer that’s going to melt off in your friend’s overly-heated apartment.  Don’t wear mascara that’s going to run if you get a bit sentimental during the portion of the evening where everybody talks about what they’re thankful for.  And don’t draw cat eyes on yourself if you’re prone to wiping your eyes.

Be about that all night glamour.

#2: That Being Said, Always Be Prepared

Any makeup that you have on your face that you think you might possibly need to retouch throughout the night should be in your bag.  Don’t rely on your friends having what you need – be your own boss. And for the love of all things golden and crusty, please bring your lipstick.  After dinner there will be a photo opportunity, and you will want to be able to reapply. While you’re at it, you should probably bring some eye drops too.  You know, just in case somebody brings joints instead of food. 

#3: Wear something loose-fitting, that still looks cute AF

Thanksgiving is all about eating food, so let’s be real about how full you’re going to get.  Instead of compromising your comfort for the sake of looking cute, just wear a dress with a lot of room to it.  Boom.

#4: Buy a new pair of tights

There’s no easier way to class up an outfit than by wearing tights that haven’t had a chance to be ripped or covered in lint yet.  Seriously, it will help.

#5: Avoid wearing anything white…or anything that stains easily

This goes without saying, but don’t think that just because it’s Thanksgiving you’re magically going to become the neatest eater ever.  Stains will happen, and when they do, you don’t want those stains to become the focal point of your outfit, you feel?  Dark colors and absorbent fabrics are where it’s at.

#6: Don’t just make your dish, plate your dish

Because nothing says, ‘I know what I’m doing’ like arriving with a dish that looks like somebody could post it on Instagram and get a 100 likes.  Pro tip: it should also taste good.  Squadsgiving is not the time to experiment with new recipes.

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