6 Ways To Live Like You’re Beyonce

Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and want to be someone else? I do. 

I often wake up and ask myself one ultimate question: “Why am I not Beyonce?” I wish I had her smile, her voice, her dance moves, her general swagger. I don’t. Life just isn’t fair…I guess.

I’m working on it though, trust me. And because my latest mission is to be a bit more like Beyonce, I’ve studied her superstardom.

Here’s 6 things we can learn from Bey.

1. Embrace Your Curves

F*ck diets. F*ck negative body image. If you think your body rocks, everyone else will think so too.

2. Grow your hair.

Big hair? Who cares? According to Bey, the bigger the better.  

3. Love Your Man!

Beyonce shouts her love for Jay-Z loud and she shouts it proud.

4. Enjoy Being Single. 

Haven’t found your ’03 Clyde yet? No bother, Bey’s got your back. Single ladies unite!

5. Don’t Let A Man Bring You Down.

Heartbroken? F*ck it. You’ll find another him in a minute. Plus, Bey makes the perfect music for getting over him.

6. Put Your Besties First!

Even at the Superbowl, Bey didn’t forget about her Destiny Child bandmates Kelly and Michelle.

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