6 Things That Make Us Want To Give Up On Boys


1. When He Gets A Girlfriend Right After Saying He’s “Not Ready For Anything Serious”

It happens to the best of us, we fall for a dude and he pulls the whole “I really do like you, I’m just not ready for anything serious right now.” Fine, we get it, you’re a f*** boy and you want to keep being one, we can accept this. What we cannot accept is when we see you getting into a relationship status with some random bitch on Facebook the next month. Like…hello?! I didn’t realize suddenly you’re Mr. Boyfriend Extraordinaire! Shove your “not ready for something serious” up your a**.

2. When He Has Sex With You After You Puke On Yourself

No conversation is more awkward than the “did we, or didn’t we?” Searching for condoms in the trash or feeling yourself down there is not something any girl wants to do. I don’t care how drunk you apparently were too sir, if you were sober enough to get hard and stick your you-know-what in my you-know-what, you were sober enough to realize that I could be suing your a** for date-rape right about now.

3. When He Invites You To The Movies… And Doesn’t Pay

I get it, times are changing. Hell, some chicks even want to pay for dates to assert that we are all equal (I’m too broke to be equal right now, sorry). But, if you are inviting someone somewhere, I think it’s common courtesy that you pay (ESPECIALLY if it’s something as cheap as a movie). Like, I know it’s only $10.95 to see “The Hangover 3,” but I would rather be sitting on my ass naked watching Friends on Netflix for free!


4. When He Can’t Find Your Clitoris

Oh god, just stop. It’s almost cute how hard you’re pressing and moving down there when, in fact, you’re actually stimulating my inner thigh. Sure, I could move your hand to the appropriate location…but at this point I’m not going to cum either way.

5. When He Tries To Hook Up With Your Friend

I don’t care whether we’re “technically talking” or not. Me and my friend probably don’t want to be eskimo sisters unless you give some really good D. You’d probably be annoyed if we started trying to get with your best friend too, or it would at least bruise your fragile ego.

6. When He Tries To Yell At You…After You’ve Kicked Him To The Curb

Call it our maternal instinct, we really want to believe that you’re a good person underneath it all. We’ll give you a second, and even a third chance when you screw up. However, when we’re trying to tell you to leave us alone, please accept it. Getting mad at us and yelling and/or calling us “stupid” or saying something like “you’re being over dramatic” is just going to make us wish we’d stopped seeing you sooner!

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