6 Things Not To Do On A Blind Date

Blind dates used to be a pretty once in a while occurrence. They also used to actually be blind. Now blind dates seem to happen all the time what with the increasing popularity of Tinder and just the phenomenon of internet friendships (hollah at all my Tumblr buddies!). It does seem much safer now that you can pretty much find out a person’s entire life story if you stalk them hard enough before meeting them. This means that there is now an entirely new etiquette to go by when it comes to the blind date. So here are a few things not to do when you go on it.

Do Not Get Drunk With Them

It sounds tempting to take the edge off that way but if you are going to drink with them, limit it to a couple glasses of wine. You do not want to embarrass yourselves on your first date and make any future meet ups super awkward.

Don’t Mention Your Ex

This seems obvious but people forget. When you are going out with someone you actually know, they usually also already know who came before them. With a blind date, it’s a fresh start, and that can be a very good thing. So don’t f*** it up by bringing up the last dick in your life.

Don’t Go To The Movies

Rookie mistake. You guys don’t know each other at all, what are you going to do with each other sitting in silence for two whole hours? Ain’t nobody got time for that kind of sexual tension.

Don’t Cry

This can generally be avoided by following the advice in tips 1-4

Don’t Mention How Different He Looks In His Pictures

Just deal with the date and then you can never text them again. That’s the good thing about going out with a complete stranger, you never have to see them again.

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