6 Things Girls Are Really Thinking When They Send Nudes

1. I’m Feeling Myself

Sometimes, he’s not receiving nudes because of anything he did at all. Hell, he probably doesn’t even really deserve these nudes. But, when you’re feeling yourself, you’re feeling yourself. Maybe you walked out of the shower and are amazed at how great you look after your spin class, or maybe you’re on vacation and need to show off those tan lines to someone. Either way, you’re really just trying to show off. And you know what? That’s totally cool.

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2. We Want Him to be Reminded of What He Has

So maybe you noticed that his most recently visited website is xxxbigbootybitches.com and we need to remind him that he’s got his own big booty bitch at home. Maybe we’re long distance and we want to make sure the only place his eyes are wandering is to the front of his Iphone screen. Either way, it’s no secret that girls can use their bodies to get what they want, and sending nudes is no exception.

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3. We Want You to Be Proud of Us

Every girl loves a dude who brags about her. Sure, we know that the bragging is more along the lines of “my girlfriend gives the best BJs ever” and not “my girlfriend has the kindest heart,” but we take what we can get. Honestly, if my man really wants to show my nudes to his BFF, I’m almost okay with it, because it means that he feels the need to show me off (as he should).

4. He Did Something Right

Unlike girls that require time, money, effort, and food to be satisfied; boys are pretty easy. If you can’t give a BJ to express your gratitude, at least send a titty pic. Maybe he remembered to pick you up peanut butter ice cream on his way home from work, maybe he gave you a back massage this morning; either way, a sext seems like a proper way to thank a man, doesn’t it?

5. He’s Having a Bad Day

Even if he didn’t necessarily do something right, we genuinely like to put a smile on our man’s face. I don’t know about you, but I think the happiest I’ve ever seen my boo is when his face is in between my boobs. If you can’t let him motorboat you at that exact moment, you can send him a digital motor-boating experience (hello, snapchat video?) Even bae’s baddest days can be better with a picture of your boobies, use those suckers for good, not evil!

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6. You Better Appreciate Them

If we send a guy a nude and he doesn’t send at least three sentences in a row acknowledging how god damn sexy we are and how he’s currently attempting to hide his boner? No more nudes for him. Guys need to realize that we don’t just send nudes to anyone, and he’s sort of special. We want our man to cherish these nudes in any way, shape, or form that he can. Maybe a shrine above his bed? Who knows, we’re open to suggestions.

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