5 Things Feminist Icons Taught Amber Rose About Accessorizing

In her new interview and photoshoot for Paper Magazine celebrating the release of her manifesto, How To Be A Bad Bitch, Amber Rose dressed up as some of the feminist movement’s most important icons and leaders. We got a lesson in accessorizing from studying the looks: ski masks, Amish braids, and glitter gloss are apparently essential elements for any girl who seeks to become a feminist leader. See what else you need, below!

1. Every Casual Outfit Must Include A Headscarf

Rosie the Riveter on Halloween? Basic. A polka dotted bandana? It’s an accessory that never fails. Yes we can!

2. A Ski Mask Perfectly Compliments A One Piece Swimsuit

“Bank robber,” is never the vibe I go for at the beach, but Amber (as Pussy Riot) might be onto something. Opposites attract, but does that remain true when it comes to pairing bathing suits with headgear that normally belongs on the slopes?

3. Top Hats Add Glamour To Your Typical Club Wear

Add this one to your New Year’s Eve to ensure you’ll stand out in a sea of girls in sequin mini dresses and ankle-break heels. A tuxedo is sophisticated, and with the hat, you’ll be taller than anyone else at the venue. Your friends won’t have to worry about losing you in the crowd.

4. Amish Braids Are Sexiest With A Glittery Pink Lip

To achieve the Susan B Anthony look without looking like you actually just stepped out of the 1850s, keep the braids, just pile on the shimmery make up. A trip to Sephora might be in order.

5. Sunglasses Provide Shade While Letting You Throw It

Make sure they’re so dark you can’t even see the haters.

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