6 songs to help you get over being cheated on


Girl power is supposed to be about being there for one another.

If you get cheated on, don’t resort to your negative ways and not have your girlfriends there to help and support you during a really bad time.

There is nothing wrong with stuffing your face with some good old comfort food and booze.

*vodka straight up with a twist pls*

But, unfortunately, that still won’t take away the pain.

So what do you do when you’re down in the dumps?

Leave the house and go on a joy ride with your best girlfriends and jam to some girl-power anthems.

And girl, let me tell you something, these six songs will get you in the bumpin n grindin mood so fast, you’ll be forgetting all about the douchelord that got away.

SORRY NOT SORRY by Demi Lovato

First of all, this song is iconic, especially with lyrics like these: “Now payback is a bad bitch, And baby, I’m the baddest, You fuckin’ with a savage”

“Sorry Not Sorry” is about not feeling sorry for yourself, while also addressing the elephant in the room: the hater or in your case, the EX.

But you’re doing just fine without them and don’t really give a flying fuck. I mean why should you? You’re doing your thang and he’s off doing some thot. Just saying. With this song, anything can happen in just one night. Hey, you’re only young once right?


It’s not only a song about killing your haters with kindness. It’s a song about fighting your battles. And whatever you’re going through at that moment, you will be ok in the end, if you just let go and move on from it with a smile on your face.

Like, you are the fighter, you are able to pick up the pieces and say, “I can be a strong, independent woman who does not need a man who treats me like shit.”

And perhaps maybe you need your own Christian Grey to hook up with, you know, somebody who whispers in your ear at night, “You are beautiful and don’t you forget that.” Come on, who wouldn’t want that?

MOST GIRLS by Hailee Steinfeld

One word, powerful AF. Okay, fuck it, that’s two… but for reals, this song gives me life. Literally.

“Cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen, we’re all just playing a game in a way, trying to win at life.” UM, FUCK YES.

What these lyrics mean is that it doesn’t matter what size you are, or what you wear, you’re perfect the way you are. And that’s an important message for all young women to know.

Words are just words I know, but what you actually don’t know is that if you say them out loud, you have the power to change them.

So do it for all the girls out there who won’t!

WILD THINGS by Alessia Cara

In the beginning of the song, Alessia explains what the wild things are: “it’s a place that exists in our minds. It’s a place of liberty and shamelessness.” She continues, “It can take a split second or a lifetime to find it, but once you do, you will be free.”

Not only are those some powerful words, but they are the truth.

It takes time to get over a person or a bad situation, but once you do, that weight will be lifted off of your shoulders then you’ll feel so much better about yourself again!

DIAMONDS by Rihanna

An oldie but a goodie for sure! There is no one that can make you feel like a million dollars than Queen RiRi.

And this song does just that. It’s a super fun and upbeat song that will boost your confidence up to an all-time high!

IDGAF by Dua Lipa

Tbh, the “IDGAF” music video is even more dope than the actual song.

The video is a powerful feminist message about self-love and not giving a fuck. In the video, she and her girls engage in a dance battle against her alter-ego… herself, while wearing matching monochromatic pantsuits.

Self-love will help you understand that you are not just a beautiful person, but also someone who deserves better.

And that, my friends, is the art of getting over a cheating ex. Listen to some bomb-ass-girl-power music with your gfs and dance the night away!

For your sake, I hope you find a guy that isn’t such a fucking dick and treats you like a damn queen.

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