6 Signs That Your Mind Is On Your Money, Not On Men

1. You’re on LinkedIn more than you’re on Instagram

While your friends are getting DMs of dick pics from creepy Canadian dudes, you’re getting DMs from recruiters who are interested in hiring you. Instead of posting bikini selfies, you’re busy updating your resume and finding a perfect profile picture that says “professional, but fun.”

2. You Get Excited Over Emails, Not Texts

While you once spent the days staring at your phone awaiting a text (or maybe a call?) from your crush, you now jump every time you hear “you’ve got mail” (or if you live in 2015, one buzz on your Iphone). Sure, it might just be Nastygal announcing a sale, but it could also be that PR company you applied to asking for an interview. And either of those things are much better than a dude sending some emojis, am I right?

3. Your Sexts Include More $ and Less 😉

As exciting as the site of a guy’s perfect six pack is, you’d rather hear about his 401k plan. Does that make you old? Maybe. But that six pack probably won’t last past his thirties, that bank account has longevity.

4. You Judge A Guy Based On Career Choice Rather Than Looks

Sure, you used to have a major crush on that skater guy that worked at your local pizza place. Now that you’ve grown up, the fact that he’s 26 and still working there cancels out whatever good looks he has going for him.

5. You Never Have Time To Be In A Relationship

Between your two part-time jobs, school, and your social life; dating is the last thing on your mind. As much as you’d love to make time to grab a drink with that hottie from the gym, you’re all about prioritizing and he seems to be last on the list. Besides, who knows when your dream company is going to ship you across the country to work for them? No reason to get tied down now and miss the opportunity.

6. You Prefer Networking Over Flirting

Time is of the essence. This guy that’s been talking your ear off at the open bar is cute, but you really need to get away and try to steal a few minutes with that woman over there who’s the CEO of that new start-up. Flirting might lead to sex, or even a relationship, but networking is what’s going to put opportunities in your pathway and money in your bank account.

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