6 Reasons Why You’re Not Too Busy For A Relationship

It’s easy for us to put off dating and relationships because we’re “too busy.” Our generation is the busiest. Between jobs that require 24/7 communication, paying off student loans, and keeping up with all forms of social media, it seems that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.

On top of your classwork, your part-time job, and your social life; it seems that trying to keep up with a boyfriend would be next to impossible. Maybe you can worry about your love life once you graduate, or once you make enough money to live comfortably, or maybe once you move out of the city.

Unfortunately, the world keeps on turning, and so does your life. There’s never a perfect time to fall into a relationship, but here’s why having a boo while you’re at your busiest is actually pretty great.

1. You Don’t Have Time To Be Jealous

Overthinking is a girl’s worst enemy. If your boy is out with his friends and you’re sitting at home, you’re prone to think about all the drunk girls at the bar who could be drooling over your bae’s biceps that very second. If you’re constantly busy, you don’t have time to worry about why he hasn’t texted you back yet or which girls liked his Instagram post. Jealousy is a disease, and the busier you are, the more likely you are to avoid falling ill.

2. You Won’t Become Obsessive or Friendless

In a new relationship, there’s always the “honeymoon period.” While this is a happy time for those involved, it’s easy to let everything else in your life slip away while you’re busy obsessing over your new boo. As a busy chick, you know how to manage your time between work, school, friends, and dick. Therefore, when you get a new partner, you’re unlikely to start spending every night with him and neglecting your other friends and responsibilities. Not to mention that the honeymoon phase can burn out quick, it’s better to enjoy your relationship in a healthy balance with the rest of your priorities.

3. You’ll Always Have Someone To Help You Out

Between your many responsibilities, it’s easy for you to put too much on your plate. When that happens, it’s always nice to have someone that you know you can count on to help you out. Whether you need someone to pick up your important documents from the post office or pick you up dinner after a late night at the office, a good boyfriend won’t mind helping out his chick when she’s working hard.

4. You Have The Perfect Stress Reliever

If you didn’t know that sex is the ultimate stress relief, now you do. Instead of indulging in an entire pepperoni pizza post-work to relieve your stress, you now have a cheaper & healthier option. Not to mention that I doubt your partner will mind serving as your own personal stress ball (no pun intended).

5. You Don’t Need To Waste Time Dating

If you’re the type of person to actively search for Mr. Right (and you shouldn’t be), you’ll quickly realize that dating is practically a hobby. Between checking all your various dating apps, scheduling cocktail and coffee dates, and remembering which “Matt” is the one texting you currently, dating is a lot of work. While relationships certainly take effort as well, at least you know that you’re putting effort into someone that you care about, rather than wasting your time drinking $20 cocktails with soon to be ghosts.

6. You’ll Have a Cheerleader in all of Your Many Endeavors

Think “ooh I found myself a cheerleader…” because in a good relationship, you will always have someone cheering you on. All your hard work pays off, and whether you got an awesome promotion or need someone to cheer you up during exams week, your boo will have your back.

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