6 Reasons Why John Galliano For Maison Martin Margiela Would Rock

Amid all the fashion news making waves around the internet, one thing stands out for longtime fashion junkies: John Galliano, infamous former designer for Dior may be making his fashion comeback. Rumors of the outspoken fashion designer taking up the helm at Maison Martin Margiela have been causing buzz both postive and negative but we are hopeful that the talented and troubled Galliano will successfully make his way back into the hearts and wardrobes of runway walkers and followers alike. And because he has certainly managed to create quite a few memorable looks in his lifetime, here are a few favorite Galliano moments that we just can’t stop obsessing over.

That time Galliano had sexy model Chad White walk his runway.

Or the time he turned his models into living flowers.

Sasha Pivovarova looking like a china doll next a rafaelite haired model.

Sometimes everyone would just chill in a hay stack

Marionnette makeup

And that time Naomi looked fierce in this sexy Galliano getup.

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