6 Reasons Why ‘Bad Girls’ Make The Best Girlfriends

With the female sexual liberation becoming more prominent than ever in the past few years, it seems that the Madonna- Complex has become more prevalent as well. Instead of praising the girls who can be open about their sexuality, men claim that they want a ‘good girl’ who isn’t “wild.”

I get it, I probably wouldn’t want a boyfriend who’s known for sleeping with every chick he meets. But, men’s typical definitions of “bad girls” doesn’t really seem to make sense these days. After all, if you’re calling a girl a slut based on rumors you’ve heard from sleezy boys or by judging her latest Instagram selfie, you might want to, I don’t know, actually get to know her first?

Besides, being a “bad girl” ( or bad-af) is definitely not a negative thing when it comes to relationships. If guys want a 21 year old virgin who thinks semen is “icky” and thinks a facial is only a beauty procedure, then they should go for it. But here’s why bad girls make the best girlfriends…

1. She May Be Get Around, But It’s For The Right Person

Instead of using guys to boost her self confidence, the bad girl has hook ups because she wants to get her pleasure on. She might sleep around, but when she finds the right person she sticks with them because she knows that all the freaky stuff she likes in bed probably won’t happen with a one night stand. She’s the only girl you’ve ever met who is constantly as crazy as you are, and doesn’t mind taking a load to the face every once in a while.

2. She Calls You Out On Your Bull

A bad girl may say yes to a lot of things, but she’s not going to stand by when her man is messing up, and I don’t mean just messing up in their relationship. She doesn’t need a man, so if she’s going to be in a relationship, she makes sure her man is the best that he can be. Whether it’s urging you to not skip your weekend workout or making sure that your job applications are perfected, she knows that your success is reflective upon her and she wants you to kill it in every endeavor you face.

3. She’s The Best Arm Candy You’ve Ever Had

How awesome is it knowing that every guy in the room wants your girl? How awesome is it knowing that not a single one of those guys can touch her because she’s yours? You may certainly get jealous seeing all the eyes that are on her when she steps out for an evening, but she’ll make sure to let you know that you’re the only one she’s coming home to at the end of the night.

4. She’s Surprisingly Low Maintenance

She knows a million promoters that will bring her bottle service at the hottest clubs, she has a million Tinder messages from guys begging to take her to dinner. Yet, because of her easy access to material things, she values a man for his character, not his wallet. She’s met plenty of dudes who try to win her over with their cash, and she instead simply wants a guy who cares about her for what’s inside, and will be there for her no matter what. She certainly doesn’t mind being spoiled every now and then, but she’d rather have a good guy who’s on his grind rather than a shitty guy with a trust-fund.

5. She’s Confident

As much as she appreciates your constant compliments, she doesn’t need them. She’s confident in herself, and it just makes her even sexier. She prefers sex with the lights on and spends most of her time at your place in her birthday suit. She may occasionally get a little jealous, but you’ll never see her go full into jealous girlfriend mode because she knows that it’s not worth her time to be with someone who’s going to be unfaithful.

6. She’s Understanding & Honest

Her past may not always be something she’s proud of, but because she’s willing to open up about it to you with no judgement, she’ll reciprocate. She loves that you love her for who she is, even the imperfections and mistakes. Therefore, she’s 100% willing to do the same for you. Just like she’s not perfect, she doesn’t expect you to be.  The fact that she can be completely honest with you about her past means that she’s always going to continue being honest with you rather than putting up a facade. She doesn’t have false expectations of Prince Charming formed by Disney movies and Nicholas Sparks books, she knows a real man when she sees one.

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