6 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Is The Most Perfect Person Ever In The World

Angie was honored at the 2013 Governor’s awards last weekend. As one of the original badass sex bombs, Angelina just seems to get better with age. She is hot, fearless, talented, and with her screenwriting and charity work, apparently has quite a bit of depth to her. So, with her being honored last weekend, I think it appropriate for Galore to do a bit of honoring for this mother of all sex symbols. Here are six reasons why Angelina is one of the sexiest females around.

1. She is sexy no matter what she wears: Angie wore a tux to the Academy Awards and set off a hot new trend for evening wear. After her, anyone who wore a gown looked like they just rolled in from prom. Whenever Miss Jolie wears something it always sparks a conversation. From the black slitted dress of last year, to the lacy short sleeved number of last weekend, when you are as hot as she is, you can, and should, just go naked!
2. Lara Croft: The moment we all knew she was sexy was when she played the monster battling, shorts wearing, video game heroine of every fanboy fantasy. She may have gone on to become an Oscar winner and serious actress, but we will always love Angie in her long braid and gun holsters.
3. Her Tattoos: When my aunt had the audacity to lecture me on my tattoos, she used the logic that only whores and gang members got tattoos. Angelina Jolie was the woman who I cited as a lady of some depth and grace who sported a whole array of meaningful and sexy tatts. Thank you Angelina for supporting my ink habit.
4. Her man: Brad Pitt is old enough to be my father at this point and he is still smokin! I honestly have no idea why there was even a team Jen in the first place, it is clear who is hot enough to match up to this man candy and unfortunately Jennifer just doesn’t have the cheekbones to do it.
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5. She’s a MILF: She is a mother of six, three biological, three adopted and she still has a rockin bod. If I were to ever lose my mind and have kids of my own, I would hope to be as hot as Angie while doing it.
Angelina Jolie Takes A Lovely Stroll With Her Children
6. She had a mastectomy and still maintained a sex goddess status: Angelina Jolie inspired the world when she made the courageous and intelligent choice to have her breasts removed when she discovered she had cancer and a low recovery chance. As an actress famous for her body and her beauty, this cannot have been an easy choice to make ( it cannot be an easy choice for anyone to make). But she did it. She did it because she lost her mother to cancer, and being a mother herself, she decided that her life was more important than what anyone else thought of her looks. This is a woman with courage and self confidence, and there is nothing sexier than that.

Written by: Amanda Lang

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