6 Pretty Awesome Things To Be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving is a tough one. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to eat delicious food with loved ones. On the other, it is the anniversary of the day that a white boy strolled in on his boat to nearly wipe out an entire civilization. But as an optimist, I enjoy taking the day to reflect on the year before me. This has been a crazy year. A lot of bad has happened. But then, a lot of good has to. Let us take a look at the highlights of 2013.

1. Unemployment down 2%: We are a generation of highly intelligent, hard working individuals. We have the mistakes of the former generation upon our shoulders. We endure the pain of higher education, empty our bank accounts to the institution and emerge into the labor force to an empty wasteland, devoid of opportunity. But the year, the unemployment rate is the lowest it has ever been since 2009. There is some hope to that.
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2. Obama proves worthy of his reelection: This is not going to be an example of thanks for everyone reading this article… then again, I don’t suppose many republicans are that interested in raunchy naked women in the first place so maybe you are all pro Obama. But let’s look at the facts: Since his election, unemployment is down, soldiers are finally coming home from Iraq, he has instituted a plan in which everyone gets free health care. His reelection is looking more and more positive. Plus, he is a former stoner. Which brings us to…
3. Weed is legal: Most young adults certainly view this as a positive of 2013. Sure it is not legal everywhere yet but you have to start somewhere. Even medical legalization is a good baseline. Just in time for the Thanksgiving feast!
4. Gay Marriage legalized: Again, not everywhere, but it does seem to be expanding in the realm of not only acceptance but celebration. Many celebrities are beginning to come out and my best friend is even getting married this summer. With Mackelmore’s “same love” playing on the radio, and Frank Ocean opening up to the public, this country is beginning to become truly equal after decades and decades of degradation. It is not the government’s role to say who you can and can’t love. It is a good sign that America is starting to realize that.
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5. The first transgender model: We don’t know if you have seen Carmen Carrera, but not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she’s also one of the best models we have ever seen in the industry. The fact that she is getting steady work (and in the pages of W magazine, no less) points to as groundbreaking a trend in the industry as the first African American cover of Vogue did in the 70’s.
6. Fill in the blank: America has changed a great deal, even in the past year. But these are just general changes. You have had your own struggles and success stories this past year, and we cannot begin to highlight them in the pages of our magazine. You have to reflect on them yourself. Did you get a prescription for weed? Get your first job? Get a marriage certificate you have been waiting on? Even if it is something as simple as getting your first apartment or internship, it is something to celebrate. Keep on being a strong and sexy young woman. We look forward to your success stories in the next year!

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