6 Of The Most Important Life Lessons Kendall Jenner’s Ever Taught Us

Kendall Jenner turned 18 just this month and she’s already proving that the baby Kardashian is wise beyond her years. While wise is not a word that most people would associate with a family that’s made their millions by exploiting their family on television to countless fans across the world, Kendall growing up in the spotlight (and surrounded by her sister’s mistakes: crack head husbands, sex tapes, etc.) might actually benefit her in the long run. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most compelling quotes we’ve ever heard come from any member of the Kardashian family to show that the newly legal sister could be the world’s savior. Check them out below!

6. “Me” time is super important

She emphasizes the importance of taking time out for yourself. You have to disconnect sometimes, right Kendall?

5. Have faith

Faith is SUPER important. You have to trust that the filter you put on that new selfie WILL bring out your cheekbones.

4. Confront your issues

Get over your issues, ladies! I know Kendall is an 18 year old kazillionaire and can make any problem disappear with a swipe of her black card, but she’s been through things and knows how you feel.

3. Don’t be selfish

She taught us that being selfish is not the look. Kendall knows about selflessness guys, she’s been rich her WHOLE life and will only continue to get richer through various business practices that are making the Kardashian empire even bigger.

2. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL

Kendall sees the beauty in everything and everyone. True, you might never be hot enough to model like her, but you’re beautiful in like, an abstract way.

1. How to spell swimming

….and this.

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