6 Mixed Feelings That Single Girls Know All Too Well

Being a single girl is truly an art. I mean sure, being in a relationship can be tough work too, but there is much more respect to be had for girls that have been single for years rather than girls who jump from relationship to relationship. First off, single girls have a love for themselves than nobody else can replace. But more importantly, single girls have to dodge the horror-filled maze known as the 2015 dating scene. Whether you are a newly single babe, or a seasoned solo veteran, you are sure to recognize these six mixed feelings.

1. The jealousy/disgust when you see a cute couple 

When you spot an overly fit and pretty pair making out on the park bench outside your favorite coffee shop, you and your single gal pals roll your eyes at each other and make fake vomiting noises. Yet, while trying to convince yourself that they probably have a shallow relationship anyways, you can’t help wishing that you had someone to makeout with outside of coffee shops…or at least somebody to buy you coffee.

2. the giddiness/preparation for disappointment when you meet a new guy 

As a single girl, meeting a new guy who has potential can bring on a whirl of emotions, especially if you have already hooked up with said guy. While the little girl in you feels giddy and excited about your “crush,” the realist in you expects a negative outcome. While part of you is wondering if he’s the one, the other half is wondering when he’ll reveal his fuckboy tendencies and if he’ll ever call again.

3. The proudness/shame when you have a one night stand

I mean seriously, when is everyone going to do away with the old “walk of shame” and officially dub the post-sex walk home the “stride of pride?” It’s way catchier, and way more accurate. The only reason you shouldn’t feel proud and blissful the morning after a hook-up is if you’re not single. In that case, maybe you should reconsider your relationship status. If you are single, go you! Put some pep in your step and own that stride of pride like our girl Amber Rose.

4. The sadness/happiness when your friend (finally) breaks up with her boyfriend

What kind of friend would you be if you didn’t cry with your friend while she goes through a bad break-up? If you can’t cry alongside of her, at least provide her with lots of chocolate and alcohol. Yet, while you’re finishing the third pint of Ben and Jerry’s with her, you can’t help but be ecstatic that she’s finally done with that asshole and can go back to being your wing-woman.

5. The confidence/preparation for rejection when approaching a dude

Times are changing. It’s completely acceptable to approach a guy instead of waiting for him to come to you…the only problem is that it’s fucking terrifying. If only we had the false inflated ego of guys, it would be much easier. Instead, we try our hardest to feel confident and strut like Beyonce, but in the back of our mind we can’t help but have massive self-doubt. I mean, what if he has a girlfriend? What if he only likes blondes? What if he’s gay? The possibilities are endless…and the only solution is to take another shot of tequila before attempting to speak to him.

6. The horror/relief you have when you find yourself really liking a guy

Everyone makes endless jokes about how horrible it is to catch “the feels.” However, if you’re a girl who never falls for dudes, it’s kind of a relief. While it can be scary and hard to let yourself be vulnerable to someone, it’s also nice to know that your heart isn’t made of ice after all, and that deep down. even a bad bitch like you is capable of emotions.

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