6 GIFS Of Beyonce’s Ass That Prove We Are Not Worthy

Soooo if you’re a normal, functioning person, you’ve no doubt heard (and memorized) every single moment from Queen Bey’s surprise visual album she dropped last week. While we already knew that Bey had an ass to envy, it is an official fact that has been solidified by the singer’s many ass-tastic moments in most of her 17 music videos. Check out 7 gifs below of Beyonce’s ass that will have us taking some extra servings at x-mas dinner next week!

1. This casual little booty wave


2. A walk twerk momenttumblr_mxvbbqNM9A1ql1v50o5_250

3. Shaking it on a CAR! I meeeeean…


5. A fishnet/jean thong slow booty roll


6. Afterschool in the garage with your girlfriends booty break down


7. THIS!


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