These 6 former celeb couples prove you can be BFFs with an ex

Celebs love to date other famous celebs, but not as much as they love breaking up with them and then becoming besties out of nowhere.

Hollywood has proven that becoming friends with an ex after you have broken up with them is indeed possible.

Let’s start with the most obvious:


They first met on the set of “The Amazing Spider Man” back in October 2010.

His character Peter Parker eventually falls in love with her character Gwen Stacy and things heated up between them not just on-screen but off-screen as well.

They began dating in March 2012 after the paps spotted them kissing and holding hands in NYC.

In a June 2012 interview, Andrew hinted that he and Emma were kinda-sorta dating and that their chemistry was off the charts.

“We got on really well as people, in between takes,” he said. “That was the fun stuff: in between, we’d just mess around, and I felt, ‘Ah, this is different.’ I wasn’t really aware what was happening in the screen test. She keeps you on your toes, and that wakes you up. That was the beginning.”

In May 2014,  to make things official Emma and Andrew attended the Met Gala together.

In February 2015, there were signs of trouble in paradise when Emma went to the Oscars sans Andrew.

Emma and Andrew shippers were shook. Then the rumors started to swirl.

In April 2015, it was reported by Us Weekly that they’d broken up.

In October 2016, Emma officially confirmed in an interview with Vogue that their relationship was over. She said, “It’s been a good year. And sad. Pros and cons,” adding that Andrew is “someone I still love very much.”

In January 2017, Emma won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and Andrew gave her a standing ovation. Proof that they’re besties.


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Selena and Nick dated back in 2008 when they were just teenagers.

This was when Nick had just ended his relationship with fellow disney darling Miley Cyrus.

Then in 2015, Selena and Nick had quite the cozy reunion at the VMAs after-party where they were spotted in deep conversation, and even whispering into each others ears.

In an interview with U.K. radio station, Capital F.M. via E! News  Selena talked about their teen romance and her love for Nick, She says: “We were babies.” and adds, “That, to me, was like puppy love, you know, it was very sweet,” She said. “[Nick] is lovely.” “I do have a lot of love for him,  for sure.”

In September 2017,  due to Selena’s Lupus, she had to get a kidney transplant and shared the news via instagram.  She received a ton of support from her celebrity friends including Nick.

In an interview with SirusXM’s Hit 1 via Teen Vogue, he says: “I was as surprised as everyone else when I woke up and saw her Instagram.” Nick adds, “But wow, just incredible. And the strength she’s shown through all that’s amazing and inspiring.”


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Demi and Joe starred in Disney’s Camp Rock together. But, it wasn’t until Camp Rock 2 that they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

In March 2010, Demi admitted in an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that she was dating Joe.

He asks, “So you went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends?”

Demi replies, “Um, no, kind of the opposite!”

Billy then asks Demi what makes Joe so special, she said, “He’s a complete gentleman, he takes me to the most amazing places… he’s perfect!”

Sadly “Jemi” broke up in May 2010.

Joe confirmed in an interview with Us Weekly that he was the one to call time on their relationship. He says, “It was my choice to breakup, but I love her as a friend. She’s been there for me when I needed her. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her.”

In August, 2011, Demi and Joe hugged it out backstage at the 2011 MTV VMAs.

In July 2016, Joe told that Demi “is the best version of herself that i’ve ever known.”

On October 15, 2017: Joe announced on Instagram that he and his girlfriend Sophie Turner girlfriend are engaged.

Demi commented on the photo and wrote, “HUGE CONGRATS!!! Sooo happy for the both of you!!!!”  The End.


Demi and Wilmer first met in 2010 when she was only 17 and he was 28.

They started dating officially in 2011 when the paps caught them kissing in front of Wilmer’s house.

In 2014, they made their relationship Instagram official, Wilmer posted a super cute birthday message for Demi on insta, saying, “Love you through all.”  Then Demi returned the love by posting a photo of her and Wilmer kissing and calling him the “perfect” boyfriend.

In January 2016, they celebrated their sixth anniversary by posting some very cute photos of them together from 2010-2016.

In June 2016, they released a statement via instagram saying that they have decided to end their relationship “after almost 6 loving and wonderful years together.” And realized, “more than anything that we are better as best friends.”

In June 2017, the former couple reunited for a cute photo-op at Demi’s house where she held a BBQ to celebrate LA Pride. She posted the photo on her Instagram and Snapchat stories, with the caption, “Best of friends no matter what.”

On October 2017, Demi debuted her new “Simply Complicated” Documentary on YouTube, where she talks about the split in an emotional confession. She says, “I think my heart is always with Wilmer.” Demi also said that she’s “pretty sure that I’m not going to meet anybody that compares to him.” and that, “The sparks never faded.”   Hmm… a reconciliation perhaps?


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Orlando and Katy had been friends for years before they even started dating.

In January 2016, they were seen at the Golden Globes after-party getting pretty cozy with one another, sparking romance rumors.

In April 2016, they made things official when they arrived to Coachella together looking super couple-y n shit. Orlando and Katy were even spotted kissing!

In May 2016, “PerryBloom” went to the Met Gala together. In August 2016, Orlando and Katy went on a romantic trip to Italy where Orlando was photographed paddle boarding NAKED with Katy Perry. But hey, at least we got a glimpse of orlando’s cute butt! *wink wink*

A month before the breakup, they went to Kate Hudson’s Halloween party together dressed as famous political couple Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

On November 22, 2016,  In Touch Weekly reported that after 10 months of dating, the couple had split. But wasn’t confirmed. In March 2017, Orlando and Katy’s reps CONFIRMED in a statement via People Magazine that the couple had split, saying, “Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time”.

Then in April 2017, Orlando spoke to Elle UK  about the split. He said, “We’re friends. It’s good. We’re all grown up.” He adds, “It’s between us. It’s better to set an example for kids and show that [break-ups] don’t have to be about hate.”

In August 2017, they were spotted getting PRETTY cozy at an Ed Sheeran concert. At one point during the show, Katy sat on Orlando’s lap and they started making out. So let’s call this one a friendship with benefits.


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Kourtney and Scott dated on and off for 9 years before breaking up in 2015.

They started dating officially in 2006 after meeting each other at a house party in Mexico that was hosted by Joe Francis, a longtime friend of the Kardashians.

And of course they had ups and downs, but more downs because of Scott’s partying ways which includes abusing alcohol and drugs and hanging out with girls who are not his girlfriend.

He went to rehab twice. The second time was successful, but Kourtney still didn’t see a change.

On July 6, 2015, when photos emerge online of Scott partying with his ex-gf  and a group of other girls on a yacht in Monte Carlo, Kourtney and Scott decide to end their relationship for good.

And then after many tumultuous fights and short-lived hook-ups…On April 8, 2017 Kourt and Scott and decide to go on a  family vacation together to Hawaii sparking reconciliation rumors. But Kourtney cleared the rumors up by posting a photo on Insta of her and Scott with the caption, “MOM and DAD back at it again with the coparenting skills”.

April 2017, Kourtney celebrates her 38th bday with Scott at Disneyland.

But then in May 2017, Kourtney starts dating Model Younes Bendjima, and Scott is furious.

Scott told Kourtney on a recent episode of KUWTK to “watch her back” and that “your little friend is going to get beat up every single day that we’re there.”

But since then Scott has manned up and is even dating longtime friend of the family, Sofia Richie.

A “source” says  Kourtney approves and says “if he’s happy, then she’s happy” despite Kourtney calling girls he’s hooked up with “prostitutes” on KUWTK.

Well, if they can still be besties after breaking up, so can you and your ex! So go home and text your exes ladies. You never know, it might even bring you some peace!

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