6 Fictional Proms That Are More Dramatic Than Yours Could Ever Be

Sorry to break it to you, but no matter what you do, your prom night is going to be dramatic at some point or other.

The drama might set in when you’re getting ready and suddenly decide your dress looks horrible on you, it might be while your boyfriend is getting so trashed in the limo that you’re afraid he won’t be able to walk into prom without causing a scene, and it might be when a group of your classmates gets busted for doing cocaine in the bathroom, but something will happen.

But take heart in this: no matter what happens to you, your prom can’t go worse than these six dramatic proms. We promise.

1. Gossip Girl


The episode starts with Serena hanging out in jail, after her mother got her arrested on some charges that were probably bullshit to begin with. Her mom offers to make it up to her by springing her from the slammer, but Serena declines for stubborn high school reasons. 

Meanwhile, Blair, who has been obsessively scrapbooking about prom ever since she was a preteen, is under a lot of stress because her best friend is in jail and literally every reservation she had made weeks/months before is falling apart.

Blair’s boyfriend Nate is convinced that Blair’s ex-lover Chuck is behind it, which Chuck adamantly denies. 

Anyway, Dan somehow bails Serena out of jail and Chuck ends up foiling a plot by Blair’s so-called friends/minions to sabotage her chance at being Prom Queen, because he just wants to make all the dreams she had growing up come true.

By the end of the night, Blair breaks up with Nate, who she suddenly realizes is just a high school boyfriend and not a forever boyfriend, freeing her up for some steamy Chuck make outs in the near future.

There’s also a whole bunch of flashbacks about Lily and her rebellious path, but they’re not really important, so whatever.

2. Grey’s Anatomy


Two words: Denny dies.

If you don’t remember who Denny is then either don’t have a heart or never loved Grey’s Anatomy in the first place.

But to sum it up, the whole gang throws a prom for the Chief of Medicine’s dying niece, Meredith and McDreamy put their dog to sleep, and Katherine Heigl finally says yes to her incredibly ill heart-transplant-needing boyfriend’s marriage proposal, but then he dies a couple of minutes later and so she has to spend her prom in bed with her dead fiancé.   

Bummer, right?

3. Gilmore Girls


Rory and Jess’s relationship isn’t exactly in the best place when Rory forces him to take her to prom, but things quickly get worse when Jess goes to buy said tickets, finds out he can’t because he’s not going to graduate and then he gets on a bus to New York, tells Rory he’s sorry he can’t get prom tickets but that NBD he’ll totally call her.

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t. 

Sorry Jess truthers, but your boy is kind of the worst.

4. Pretty Little Liars


Technically, the Pretty Little Liars have two proms, but we’ll focus on the one that happened after they were kidnapped on their way to prison and forced to live in a dollhouse while being tortured by A.

The plot of PLL is way too convoluted to remember why A decided to throw the girls a prom in the first place, but the girls decide to use the opportunity to their advantage and make a machine to help them escape while A thinks they’re busy decorating the basement.

When it’s time for actual prom, the girls go down to the basement, party with a bunch of creepy mannequins for a hot second and then tell Charles they want to make him Prom King.

Charles takes the bait, the girls trip the electricity, and when they finally escape, the girls realize they’ve just trapped themselves inside an electric fence and are completely screwed. 

All that happens in their second prom is that Allie gets kidnapped and they figure out who A is, which is still pretty dramatic, but way less life threatening. 

5. The O.C.


What doesn’t happen during the OC’s Prom episode?

To start off, none of the show’s main couples are together. Ryan, Seth, and Summer are single, but Marissa is dating Volchok, even though he’s cheating on her all around town.

Seth tries to ask Summer to prom by getting her to meet him for breakfast and having the kitchen spell out “Prom?” in chocolate chips on her pancakes, but Summer says no and ends up going with this big deal K-Pop singer.


Anyway, while she’s at prom she gets super drunk, falls off the stage shortly after being named Prom Queen, and then gives her date a big kiss to make Seth jealous.

Then Marissa actually witnesses Volchok cheat on her, she slaps him, runs to Ryan to cry on his shoulder, who ends up getting into a big fight with Volchok, beating his body to a bloody pulp.

Meanwhile, Seth tells Summer he loves her, she pukes all over the place, and then she tells him she loves him back too.

So dramsy. 

6. Carrie


High school can be hard, especially if you’re a bullied teenager with surprise telekinetic powers. 

Long story short: Carrie ends up getting elected Prom Queen, has the time of her life for about 30 seconds, and then John Travolta dumps a bucket of pig’s blood on her head. Carrie gets paranoid and thinks that everybody is laughing at her which triggers her to have a psychotic break, telekinetically seal all the exits and kill all her fellow prom-goers. 

The drama keeps on going when Carrie gets home and her crazy mom stabs her in the back with a butcher’s knife, leaving Carrie no choice but to crucify her own mother in a chain of events that ends with her house falling down around her.

Worst prom ever.

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