6 Weird Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. Ovipositors

The idea of pregnancy freaks me out enough. However, some people (men and women both) get off on the idea of impregnation. Specifically, being impregnated by aliens or other extraterrestrial beasts. Their favorite toy is in the form of the ovipositor called ‘splorch’ by Primal Hardwere that is literally a toy that releases eggs (obviously fake ones, made of dissolvable gelatin). The idea behind the fascination seems to be that people like to think that an alien has hijacked their body in order to breed …or something like that, I think.

2. Furries

The correct term is plushophile, but most of them identify as furries. What are they? People who prefer to be animals. If you go to a furry convention, you’ll find hundreds of people (mostly men) running around in polar bear, moose, or fox suits. Instead of being born men and identifying as a woman, they identify as animals, and that’s exactly how they want to hook up. If they can’t find another plushophile nearby? A stuffed animal will do the trick.

3. Omorashi

You know when you’re waiting in the bathroom line at the club and are worried that you’re literally going to wet your brand new leather shorts? Yeah…some people probably think you’re insanely hot in that moment. Omorashi is the fetish surrounding the idea of women with a full bladder that can’t control themselves anymore, and has a large following in Japan. The softcore pornographic videos tend to feature school girls or secretaries that are fully clothed and simply have to wet themselves for lack of time to reach a restroom.

4. Acrotomophilia

Has anyone else seen those photographs of amputee soldiers that are insanely hot ? If all amputees looked like this, I would understand this fetish. Acrotomophilia is love for amputees. Kind of creepy, but hey who am I to judge? Maybe if I start crushing on a dude with no legs it’ll be harder for him to run away?

5. Mechanophilia

Dudes really need to stop hooking up with their cars…Mechanophilia is the attraction to machines, and in the UK you can actually be arrested for hooking up with your car. If you’ve ever wondered if your love and devotion to your iPhone went too far, it probably didn’t.

6. Autonepiophilia 

Some chicks like getting called “baby,” some chicks actually want to be a baby. Paraphilic infantilism is for those who get turned on by dressing and acting like a baby. This goes a lot farther than simply wearing a diaper, the people involved go as far as to actually use the diaper (yes, like poop their pants), and some role-play as mother and child, complete with breastfeeding. Apparently, more than 15,000 Americans play into this fantasy, so if you like big babies and you cannot lie, you’re not alone.

7. Bronies

So the furries may have a thing for animals, but these dudes only like ponies, specifically My Little Pony. After reading extensive studies on the brony subculture, it still seems to be a bit of a mystery to me. But something about My Little Pony just fascinates them. Not all of them have a sexual attraction to the ponies, but many bronies read fan fiction or look at sexual images created of the ponies.

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