6 Fierce Moments From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The sexiest show on earth showed on CBS last night to millions of watering mouths. It was a parade of gorgeous females, fabulous lingerie and famous faces. To be certain, there were moments that blew us away (Adriana’s Parisian Night wings), and moments that made us snooze ( A Great Big world could have picked up the pace). But every moment was undoubtedly sexy. Especially those that didn’t occur on the runway. Here are 6 of the best moments from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013.

1. Taylor blows a kiss: Someone must have taught Taylor their tricks. Taylor was a bit of a disappointment as far as her performance went ( and what was that British soldier outfit from the opening segment?) Though the Angels themselves certainly seemed to like her with Lily professing friendship and Cara snapping selfies with her behind the scenes. Tay Tay does seem to have the Victoria’s Secret kiss down though.

2. Pink Network is a shit show: Pink is always a shit show. The creators don’t seem to desire the same sensuality from Pink that they do from the other segments. Often it is just cutesy. Models wielding pinwheels and disco balls and the like. But this year somebody must have hit the bottle a bit hard because Pink Network was a trippy display of clutter and rainbow bright!
Elsa Hosk
3. Cara grabs Taylor’s ass: Cara’s eccentric personality makes every runway show a bit sweeter and VS is no exception. From high fiving other angels on the runway to grabbing T. Swift’s ass backstage, Cara gave the show a soul! 

4. Jourdan’s “sexy face”: The behind the scenes segments always make the show. From the interviews to the flashbacks, they give depth to the show by making us feel closer to these lovely ladies. They also bring a sense of humor. The high fashion models were asked to display their “sexy faces” behind the scenes and we can proudly say that not one of them were able to take their face seriously.
5. Christmas Commercial: In between babe-licious segments, we were given a viewing of the new Christmas Commercial. And if you thought you were straight, we can assure you, you will not be after seeing what these gals have to offer.

6. Finale: The Finale is the final viewing of the hottest of the hot wearing their glittering, feathered confections. It is the last glance of the most beautiful women in the world, laughing and jumping and having the time of their lives. This is what puts Victoria’s Secret models above anyone else. They have a spirit that they are willing to share with the world. Hopefully a bit of that spirit inhabits my new Miraculous bra.


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