6 Easy Steps To Becoming Girl With No Job

In 2015, being funny and “Insta-Famous” is a career jackpot. Just look at Claudia Oshry, also known as @GirlWithNoJob. Born and raised in NYC, Claudia started GWNJ her freshman year of college when she began an internship in fashion PR. “All the cool kids had fashion internships, so I got one too! Everyone was mean and I never got paid a dime. I started GirlWithAJob.com to basically talk shit about the people at work who were mean to me,” Claudia continued, “When I was ‘let go’ from the internship, I changed the name to GirlWithNoJob.com.” Meant to be Claudia’s personal diary, “Girl With No Job” has grown into a well-known blog and Instagram account.

Without a goal for internet fame, Claudia turned her own social media into a thriving career, and today she’s reveling in a nomination for “Favorite Social Media Star” at the People’s Choice Awards 2016. “Aside from eating and sleeping, my biggest passion would be celebrities. I don’t know if celebrity culture constitutes a passion, but I am totally obsessed with all things pop culture. Gigi Hadid ate a sandwich for lunch? What kind of bread?” jokes Claudia. But the reality is that Claudia has become a celebrity in her own right. Not only is her face recognizable, but her brand is known world-wide. Claudia’s not thinking too hard about her next move, even with all of her recent successes. “Short term: I’m going to finish watching Narcos and probably eat an entire pie of pizza. Long term: Who the hell knows?” Claudia proves you don’t need to try THAT hard to become “Insta-Famous”. Here’s her 6 easy steps to becoming @GirlWithNoJob.

Girl With No Job

Photo Credit: Erik Tanner

1. Post Good Shit: I could give you 100,000 ways to become “Insta-Famous,” but none of them would work if the content you’re putting out isn’t funny, witty or creative. Your account will never grow or be successful unless you’re posting good stuff!


2. Find Your Thing And Stick With It: The content you post should be indicative of your “thing”. My “thing” is PG-13 content that is female focused and pop-culture centric. Everything I post fits under that umbrella. Don’t go posting scenic pictures, celebrity pictures and then food pictures. Decide early on what you want your account to specifically be about and then stick with it.

3. Research: Find out who is popular in the space you’re trying to get into and reach out to them. Even if they don’t respond, you’re at least on their radar. It can only help!

4. Be On Top Of Emerging Platforms: Instagram isn’t going to last forever (*sigh*), so it’s super important to know what apps are next and to get on them! If you’re not on Snapchat right now, what are you doing? Go get on it! You needed to be on it yesterday!


5. Creativity Is Key: Don’t go posting memes you’ve been tagged in 1,000 times. Get on Pinterest and Reddit and Tumblr and find funny shit that nobody else is finding. It may take longer but it’s so worth it!

6. Give CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Don’t be an asshole.

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