6 Cartoon Vixens We’re Crushing On

The Pride Parade in New York is a celebration of love, color, positivity, and above all Pride. Pride in love, pride in your body, pride in your own unique sense of self. Right wing bigots be damned, yesterday Pride supporters strutted through Greenwich, down 5th ave and straight on through Chelsea in rainbow collared stockings and crop tops, holding hands with their lovers and their friends. Galore is a lover of beauty, pride, sexuality and youthful exuberance. We have rounded up a few super sexy female cartoons who are full of sexual empowerment that we’re totally crushing on!

Storm from the X-Men
Played by super sexy former model in the live action movie and drawn with seductively curling white hair in the comic books, we can’t help but fall in love with her superhero strength and otherworldly beauty.

Sailor Moon
Anime girls often tend to be background playthings for their male superiors, but this Cartoon Network superhero took the backseat to no one. Fighting of demons in a flattering crop top and mini skirt, Sailor Moon consistently leaves us starstruck.

Daphne from Scooby Doo
The original redheaded 1960’s hottie! Sure she played the damsel in the cartoon series but we love how she became a bit of the heroine in the live action Sarah Michelle Gellar backed version!

What a vixen. Strutting around in that strapless mini dress, ready to eliminate any other woman who stole the attention of her youthful lover. She may have been a Disney faerie but there was nothing innocent about this animated babe.

Lola Bunny
The perfect match up to prankster Buggs. Lola took none of his sass and she was better at basketball than him too. Can you say, interspecies crush?

Jessica Rabbit
Possibly the hottest cartoon bombshell of them all, Jessica was drawn to be sexy. Best part? She was always faithful to her Roger.
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