6 Blatant Signs Camila Was Going to Leave 5H

Harmonizers woke in a very different world this morning as Fifth Harmony announced that Camila Cabello had decided to leave the group to pursue a solo career.

I’d be more shocked if rumors of her departure hadn’t been been building for months. It seems like at every turn in their careers, Fifth Harmony was met with these allegations of a breakup.

But 2016 was a different year for the group. Fifth Harmony was really hitting their come up with “Work From Home” hitting #4 on the Billboard Charts. As a fan, it’s upsetting that Camila would decide to leave just as they were really becoming popular. It’s sad to imagine what their third album might have become because it might have taken them to the very top.

Camila just released a statement on the announcement, claiming that she was unaware that management was going to post the announcement.

Regardless, so much has changed since 2013 and the X-Factor days, and there were signs that this breakup was coming though. Once you see all of them, you’ll realize how truly blatant they were.

1. Solo projects

No, she wasn’t the only member of 5H to branch out and work on solo projects. Lauren Jauregui just released a song with Marian Hill, and Normani Kordei dropped a Drake mashup.

She was, however, the first to do so. She cowrote a song with Shawn Mendes called “I Know What You Did Last Summer” peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Charts. Her most recent solo endeavor was a song with Machine Gun Kelly called “Bad Things” that peaked at number 10.

Considering that she achieved that level of success on her first solo projects, it was only expected for her to believe that she could also successfully pursue a solo career.

2. 5H Was Forced to Begin With

Technically, when they auditioned, they auditioned individually and were eliminated. But they were all brought back by Simon Cowell and given the option to continue in the competition as a group or remain eliminated.

So duh, of course they chose to continue as a group. If they had been given the option to continue as solo artists, I’m sure they would have. They ended up going on to win 3rd place in the competition and getting a record deal with Simon Cowell’s label subsidiary: Syco Music.

3. Taylor Swift

Ah yes, of course T-Swizzle has something to do with this! It was rumored that Taylor might have been influencing Camila to drop 5H and start working on her solo career. So, if you really want someone to blame it on, blame it on Tay, the whispering snake we literally cannot get rid of.

4. She Left a Show

In September during a show in Missouri, Camila mysteriously left the stage right in the middle of their set. She said that her anxiety is what kept her from finishing the the show with the rest of Fifth Harmony, and she posted this on Snapchat after to explain.

5. Our Accidental Shit-Stirring

If you remember back in August, a little live stream that we did with Normani ended up triggering a shit-storm of hate on Normani after she stuttered in describing Camila. This was just one of the many incidents that fans claimed as proof of long-standing beef between Normani and Camila.

6. Simon Cowell

It truly feels like Zayn all over again. One Direction, another famous af five-piece group that Simon Cowell stitched together on a TV show, met a similar end when Zayn announced that he was going to leave 1D to pursue his own solo career.

Although the remaining four were originally going to stay together after Zayn’s departure, shortly the other members announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus, it appears that there are no plans for another album.

I’m afraid that this is what will become of Fifth Harmony. For a group who brought so much to so many fans, we really hope they are able to restructure without Camila and move on to new projects.

Now watch their first audition tape as a group from the X-Factor and cry with me over how precious it is.

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