6 Birth Control Myths Debunked

In this day and age when everything is available online, lots of information gets spread, even that which is false. For decades, there have been myths perpetuated around birth control in all its forms (i.e., the Pill, IUD, etc.). But all that ends today bitchachos! I’m here to save the day and put myths to rest!

1. You have to take the pill at the same time every day for it to work.

Birth Control Myths - Galore Mag

Taking it at the same time every day doesn’t make it more effective, says Vice President for External Medical Affairs at Planned Parenthood, Vanessa Cullins, M.D.. It’s only true if you’re taking the mini-pill (aka, the progestin-only pill). However, most women take the combination pill (estrogen and progestin).

2. The Pill makes you gain tons of weight.

Birth Control Myths - Galore Mag

Dr. Lauren Streicher, OB-GYN and author of Sex Rx, says this isn’t necessarily true. A study from 2014 said that they didn’t find there was a direct correlation, buttttt a 2009 study showed that people who got the shot gain weight. Not enough info to blame it on the pills!

3. Being on the Pill for a long time makes it hard to get pregnant.

Birth Control Myths - Galore Mag

It’s actually possible to get preggers the moment you stop taking the pill, so it doesn’t mess with your fertility in the long term.

4. You should take a break from the Pill.

Birth Control Myths - Galore Mag

Lol, lies. Unless you want to get pregnant. There isn’t a medical reason to get off the pill if you’re not experiencing difficulty. If you stop and start again and again, you might experience the side effects even worse. 🙁

5. There’s a 2% chance you’ll get pregnant on birth control.

Birth Control Myths - Galore Mag

There are soo many different types of contraception, so here’s a list of each’s failure percentage rate (provided by the Guttmacher Institute):

– Condoms: failure rate is 2% w/ perfect use; 18% w/ typical use.

– The Pill, ring, and patch: failure rate is <1% with perfect use;  9% w/ typical use.

– IUD and implants: failure rate is <1% w/ perfect or typical use.

– The shot: failure rate is <1% w/ perfect use; 6% with typical use.

– The diaphragm: failure rate is 6% w/ perfect use;12% w/ typical use.

– Female condom: failure rate is 5% w/ perfect use; 21% w/ typical use.

6. Strong pullout game > Birth Control

Birth Control Myths - Galore Mag

Not the best, but it’s not that useless either. Although it’s only a little less effective (if done PERFECTLY) than condoms with typical use, it doesn’t protect you from STIs.

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