50 Cent Has A Bullet Lodged In His Tongue, And It’s ‘Great For Oral’

The last time we saw 50 Cent in public he was declaring bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid paying $5 million to the mother of Rick Ross’ children, Lastonia Levitson, after sharing a sex tape of her with the Internet, but these days 50 Cent only wants you to know one thing about him: he’s great at giving head.

On Friday evening, 50 Cent appeared on an episode of The Graham Norton Showa late night British talk show program in which famous celebrities sit in a semi-circle with host Graham Norton and are encouraged to drink alcohol while talking to each other.  Essentially, it’s a hot mess waiting to happen and makes for very good, or at least very quotable television. 


Why 50 Cent chose to appear on this program is still unknown, but the rapper was ostensibly there to promote his new single, “9 Shots” which takes its inspiration from that time in 2000 when 50 was shot 9 times in front of his grandmother’s house.  Speaking of the incident, 50 Cent assured British television viewers everywhere, and an especially concerned Kate Winslet, that “I just didn’t see the person coming or I would have avoided it.”

However, even though “a fragment” is still lodged in 50’s tongue, there is a bright side.  “It’s great for oral sex,” 50 Cent said, before making a graphic hand gesture that I found both obscene, but oddly arousing.  He later added that,  “I’m a better man now,” to which females everywhere cried out, “Amen.” 

In fact, one female was so moved that she actually asked 50 Cent if she could feel it, only since she’s British and 65-years-old, she phrased it like, “Let’s have a feel, Fifty.”

Watch all of this chaos unfold bellow:

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