5 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Sex-Drive

Each time you have sex, it can feel like a whole new experience (whether it’s with the same partner or not). Sometimes you feel confident and sexy, other times, it’s hard to connect, and sometimes, it just ain’t working at all, even though the guy is a total babe! What would be ideal is that you: 1) feel sexy in bed; 2) have fun with your partner; 3) know how to amp up your sex drive so that you have a killer orgasm.

Yoga has been proven to alleviate both stress and anxiety, which have real weight in this department. But on another level, it helps your libido in a big way. With regular practice you’ll heighten body awareness and confidence, feel more relaxed in bed than ever, and hit a deeply satisfying level of intimacy. Here are 5 yoga poses I recommend to boost your sex drive and keep you hungry for more!

1. Wheel Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana


Wheel Pose is a deep backbend that helps open the front line of the body all the way from the heart to the pubic bone. Backbends are incredibly energizing and help blood circulation, giving you the feeling of being alert and present. Wheel pose is uplifting and helps encourage the feeling of love (heart chakra).

How to do it: Laying on your back, bring your hands face down alongside your ears with your fingers pointing towards your shoulders. Bend your knees and place your feet hip width apart, close to your tailbone. On your exhale, press into the ground to lift up into your backbend and take 5-10 breaths.

2. Bound Angle or Supta Baddha Konāsana


This restorative pose is deeply relaxing and can often empower the feeling of openness in intimacy. Acting as both a hip and a heart opener, bound angle stretches the inner thighs and as the hips gently open, improvement in blood flow to the pelvic area revs up. This my dear, is directly linked to your level of arousal.

How to do it: Placing a large pillow under your back, lay down and bend your knees to the sides allowing you’re the soles of your feet to touch. Place two more pillows under each knee as well as a small blanket under your head for comfort. Take your hands to your heart and belly and take 10 breaths.

3. Supported Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana


Inversions help rejuvenate the entire body by changing the blood flow against gravity. Sarvangasana balances the thyroid and hypothalamus glands, allowing for proper hormone production and better metabolism. An increase in circulation truly helps to maintain a healthy sex drive. So get upside-down girl!

How to do it: Place a folded blanket under your shoulders and bring your head to the floor. With your arms alongside your body bring your knees into your chest and with a bit of momentum, lift your feet towards the sky and place your hands on your low back to help guide the body in an upward motion. Hold for 30 seconds and begin to slowly increase to 3-5 minutes.

4. Pelvic tilts


Pelvic tilts strengthen the muscles you use during intercourse. As you move the pelvis back and fourth and squeeze on the upward motion, you perform Kegels, which help to tone the vaginal area as well as increase the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

How to do it: Laying on your back, bend your knees and lightly press your lower back and spine into the ground. Start to then move your tailbone up and towards your belly button, and then down towards the floor, back and fourth. Squeeze up and in as you lift your tailbone up. That my friend is a Kegel.

5. Breath of Fire or Agni-Prasana


This breathing exercise is both energizing and cleansing. It builds heat in the body and is a powerful detox for the nasal passages and lungs. And even better, practitioners claim it heals anxiety, depression, pain, suffering, and so on. As you use this technique to charge your body, the sexual fluids are then released into the bloodstream and permeate the entire body and mind. Hell yah. 

How to do it: Sit in a comfortable seated position. Place your hands gently on your thighs and start to breathe in and out of the nose. Start to add force to your breath and use your abdomen and rib cage to support that force. As you exhale, exhale sharply and as you inhale, inhale sharply. Repeat 20-30 breaths and then close your eyes and rest for a moment.

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