5 Ways To Recover From Brooklyn Girls

Let’s face it. As much as you tried to avoid the “Brooklyn Girls” video you watched it. Maybe even more than once. There were just a lot of things going on but singer Catey Shaw, who moved to Brooklyn a year ago, seems to really get it right? “Jay-Z bumps in our headphones” and “combat boots in the summer”. Okay, it’s time to move on and we want to help. Here are some ways to recover from “Brooklyn Girls”.

1. Listen to Biggie

2. Watch Do The Right Thing

3. Have a good laugh with Jerry Seinfeld

4. Go out and get some air. Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or enjoy a day at Prospect Park.

5. And whatever you do, stay away from listening to Jay-Z. It’s just going to suck you right back in.

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