5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Glowing During Finals

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

Damn it, here we go again into our diluted slumber of seemingly eternal study sessions and overtly tedious multiple choice exams. It’s finally “Finals” season… again. To make matters worse, this also means break-out season. But, like the best things in life, no one gets credit for the easy. And maintaining a sane state of mind as well as a clean and clear visage during these stressful weeks is a bitch, but definitely not impossible.

Albeit, it may seem like your week is just one very long day, full of black coffee and too many books to count in both hands; yet, there are still enough moments between study hours to take care of yourself and actually stay awake. So make sure you start and end each day with these practical beauty routines.

First thing’s first: HYDRATION!!!

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

This means plenty of water, loads and loads of water. And no, your coffee does not count as water. I mean pure, earthly, clear and refreshing water. During stressful times it may seem hard to even sneak a sip of water during the day, but it is absolutely vital to drink at least 4 water bottles a day. Science behind it: when the body hits the “resistance stage” we have already decided to keep going and pushing through the stressful time. This means, by this point your body is releasing a flux of epinephrine and cortisol (stress hormones); so in order to keep your body at a more balanced chemical level you’ll need to steady your blood flow by hydrating. Essentially, water will calm your body’s survival mode by hydrating it, therefore allowing your skin to increase or maintain its glow. After all, skin hydrates from the outside-in.

Secondly: Saliva

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

Yes, I literally mean spit, the salivation produced by your parotid glands. What about this gross suggestion? Well, believe it or not: applying your own saliva every morning, and letting it sink into your skin will absorb all the oils and residue from the day before. So, like Rose Dawson in “Titanic”, learn to “spit like a man” and smooth it all over your face; let it dry; then with cold water splash it away. And I guarantee you, while you’re still rubbing your eyes when studying, your skin will already be awake and glowing.

Thirdly: Good bye chain-smoking!

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

For those of you who smoke: I know that stress has a brilliant love affair with cigarettes, believe me I’m guilty too, but it’s time to let your skin refurbish as much as it can during finals. Smoking depletes your Vitamin C levels, meaning that the more you smoke the less nutrients your skin will absorb. Therefore, the only thing left for your face to comply with is taking that extra time after an already stressful week to exfoliate and potentially rid yourself of necessary skin cells that protect it against aging. Also, lets not forget that smoking one cigarette restrains your body from its proper blood flow for at least an hour and a half, unnecessarily constricting oxygen from your body and drying out your face, which will then indefinitely go into “freak-out” mode”.

Fourthly: Anti-oxidants, Tea, Coffee.

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

In that order! You must absolutely keep your skin in constant refurbish. In order to do this, eat antioxidant fruits—such as, berries, these will improve your learning and motor skills in your brain as well as cleansing and purifying your skin cells on your face, remember outside-in; avocado, great for a healthy blood flow that allows your skin to show off that natural glow while nourishing itself with its natural oils; bananas, don’t have too much of these but a few a week will keep your potassium levels high allowing your skin to fight aging and wrinkles. Which brings us to tea: to maintain that rejuvenating feel you must drink 2-3 cups of green tea, which will also hydrate you (see “First Thing’s First”) and cleanse out all the dirt and grease from your face. Now, we cannot survive finals without caffeine, and thats OK. Hell, on an average day I would have 4-5 cups of coffee, I know this is very bad so I stopped and cut down to about 2-3 cups a day. Why? Simple, finals. I did my research and realized that excess coffee is murderous for your skin. So drink your coffee in moderation, ideally 1-2 cups a day or 5-6 a week total can do the trick.

Lastly: Exercise

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

We all try, and sometimes do, our best to avoid exercise during a fully packed and exhausting week but it is a must in order to keep your face zit and blemish free. Here’s how it works, the more active you are, the more your blood circulation is stimulated and the more your hormones remain in balance. This is important because when your body is at a high stress level, your other bodily functions will procrastinate their movements in order to keep your heart pumping and nervous system functioning. With zero help, it will be difficult to have smooth and clear skin. Your body naturally increases your blood circulation and hormone levels during stressful times, so at least take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to class instead of drive, take a walk during your break instead of loaf on your bed, etc. Do these little things and the difference won’t be so little.

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

There is always enough time to take care of yourself. DO NOT FORGET THAT!

Two more not-so-useless useless facts: change your pillow cover once a week, you don’t want to sleep on top of weeks-old germ filled covers and when studying, pull your hair back so the oils and grease from your hair won’t affect your forehead or cheek areas.

Good luck babes!

Galore Mag Glowing Face During Finals

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