5 Ways To Get Drake To Tweet You Back

Guys, I am perfectly aware that the universal Drake fever has yet to die down. I know I am not alone when I say that I have been tweeting at Drake for a long time now, waiting for a goddamn response. Or a favorite. Or a like. Or anything. I know it may seem like all hope is lost, but if you’re as down as I am then we need to keep on trying. Even if it means competing with BADGALRIRI for Drake’s love. If you’re not ready to sit down, here are some ways to get Drake’s attention on social media.

Yeah, I’ve already done this. I spilled my heart and wrote Drake an open love letter using all of his own lyrics in the hopes that he would read it and realize that I’m probably his soulmate. No response yet, but I honestly think he’s trying to process it all. Falling in love is a scary thing and I feel like he’s waiting until he’s ready to jump in with both feet. His feet aren’t in yet. In fact, he hasn’t even seen the pool yet. So, I’ll be waiting for a bit.

Reply To All Of His Tweets
I reply to Drake’s tweets almost every time. I try to give him little breaks in between, because the guy hardly even tweets at all, and I don’t want to overwhelm him with my love. I try to throw in some puns or funny comments like “I GOT MY EYES ON YOU DRAKE RT IF UR DOWN”. Yeah, no replies yet.
Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.45.39 AM

Create Inside Jokes And Tweet Them At Him
So this one takes a little more time and research because you’re trying to establish a friendly relationship with someone who has no clue that you exist. It’s tough, but once you’ve learned some of the lingo and the tricks, then you can tweet out and hope he at least glances over at your tweet for a second. Something like, “Ready for a bowl of Frosted Drakes amirite?” Expecting a response soon.

Tag @champagnepapi In Your Instagram Pics
Ok so if you haven’t heard of the app “Drake Shake” it’s an app that blew up around December that allows you to add different Drake stickers to any of your own photos. So far I’ve had dinner with Drake, raved with Drake, pregamed for a NYFW party with Drake, oh, and I’ve had a little mini Drake lurking on my shoulder like a parrot. So yeah, I’ve been trying to remind Drake of our hangouts by tagging him in these photos. No response yet. I’m in hell, it’s fine.

Send Noods
This one I have not resorted to quite yet. This option is saved for one of those nights of desperation when I’m sitting at home double fisting pints of ice cream and wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life. I’m really going to try to avoid this one though, because I’m a good girl and I know it.


Rula Al-Nasrawi is a Columbia Graduate whose writing has appeared in ViceThe Atlantic, and other online publications. Her first language is valley girl. Californian bred, NYC residing. @RulaOfTheWorld

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