Hot Bods: 5 Of The Hottest Angel Bods We Wish We Had…But Never Will!

With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show so close, we can practically smell the Dream Angels perfume sifting through the air. There is only one thing around this time of year that seems to be on everybody’s mind: Hot Bodies. Now, this is something that is on people’s minds practically no matter the time of year, but right now, hot female bodies are especially relevant. With Martha Hunt Instagramming videos of her pre-show workouts and Doutzen giving interviews on supermodel diets, I thought it would be only natural to go over a list of who I think have the hottest bodies in the industry. Take off your coats kiddies, it’s about to get hot in here.

1. Lara Stone: The original fashion sex goddess, this Dutch beauty had the confidence to pose nude for Vanity Fair long before Demi flaunted her pregnant figure. Lara along with Lauren popularized the gap tooth and still continues to model today for DKNY despite being supposedly retired. This girl has attitude to rival Kate’s and the breasts to match!
2. Chanel Iman: If you follow her on Instagram, you may have noticed that this once sylph like babe has cultivated some curves that make even the straight women’s mouths water. I must say, I miss Miss Chanel as a VS Angel but I fear that if she were to return she may actually steal even Candice’s thunder.
3. Karlie Kloss: Since becoming an angel, she has managed to develop quite the hot bod. After scandalizing the world with her nearly naked shoot for V magazine, this 6 foot plus bombshell has been flaunting her soul cycled physique to the world on Herald Square billboards and Holiday lingerie commercials, and I personally do not mind one bit!
4. Cara Delevingne: I am sure there will be many surprised to see me counting Cara among the hottest bodies. Quirky and original, but hot?? Why, yes, she does have a hot little figure. She showed it to us at last year’s Victoria’s Secret show, proving that she too can rock the push up bra, and my favorite thing about Cara is her imperfections. She is no stranger to the crop top and what I love is that everytime I see her show off her bare midriff ,she has a slightly untoned abdomen. Not fat or flabby by any means, just soft and unaerobacized, just like any other non-supermodel. Of course, many among us would still kill to be as cute and pixie like as this silly little Brit!
Victoria Secret 2012
5. Candice Swanepoel: Of course we had to count her! She is the Angel who is taking the world by storm at the moment. Walking in Couture runway shows and swiping the 10 million dollar bra, this South African beauty has curves in all the right places and not an ounce of fat in any of the wrong ones. Can you say “I want Candy?”

Written by: Amanda Lang

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