5 Unusual Vacations You Need To Take

It’s not too late to sneak away for a little vacation time before the summer ends. Instead of grappling with the same rehashed vacation ideas why not take the chance to do something unexpected. Be spontaneous! Here are some unusual vacation ideas that you just have to try:

Phillippine Mermaid Academy
There was a time in your life when you watched The Little Mermaid everyday and pretended to be Ariel in the pool. Deep down that desire will never fade. Well now your dreams can come true…kind of. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy is open to all ages: just sign up for a class, grab a fin and dive in.


The Vegas Punk House
For the more rebellious travelers, take a trip to Sin City and stay at Fat Mike’s Punk House. The house, created by NOFX’s “Fat Mike”, is a punk oasis.The house is located in a nice suburban Las Vegas neighborhood with an extravagant backyard equipped with pools and mini-golf course. Inside the walls have punk collages, pool table, pinball machines…you name it. The perfect spot for punks looking to let loose in Vegas.


Flinstones Theme Park
Yabadabadoo! If you’re looking for something cheap and little bit wacky…here you go: The Flinstones Bedrock City Theme Park and full service campgrounds. While South Dakota may not be your ideal destination there is a second location in Williams, Arizona perfect for those on a Grand Canyon roadtrip. The theme park appears to have little updating since it debuted in 1972 but that adds to it’s completely strange charm.


Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast
Living in a cave has never been so glamourous. Take a trip to Farmington, New Mexico and stay at Kokopelli’s Cave B&B. Kokopelli’s is a luxury cliff dwelling equipped with gorgeous modern interior and the best view of the southwest sunset. The perfect chance to get away from busy city life without having to rough it.

Free Spirit Spheres
Free Spirit Spheres grants another childhood dream: the perfect treehouse. Canada’s Qualicum Beach is home to some of the most majestic treehouses in the world. These floating spheres are suspended between trees and available for overnight rentals. What are you waiting for?!

Free Spirit Spheres 2


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