The 5 types of bestie every girl has

For anyone with a tight circle of friends, you know how hectic dealing with everyone’s personalities can be. Or even if you’re the girl with multiple besties, you can understand how all your girlfriends can be so different but have similar qualities at the same time.

As the holidays roll around we are all seeing our college and childhood besties, so here’s a list of the type of friends we all have in our inner circle, check them out below.

1. The Childhood Bestie


This is the friend you’ve known probably since you were a little badass kid. Over the years you two have grown apart but still keep in touch over time. You both come home from school around the holidays. This is the friend you probably are embarrassed to bring around your newer friends because she has an idgaf attitude and will tell anyone who will listen that she’s your only bestie and the other girls are fake friends.

2. The Turn up Bestie 

My favorite type of girl. This is the friend you call when there is a lit party going on or when you need a wing man to a chilled kickback. The lit friend has the best taste in alcohol and knows all the tricks to help you with an hangover. You damn near don’t know what she’s like sober but that’s cool too.

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3. The Older Bestie 


This bestie is about 5+ years older but you don’t even notice it. She’s more like the big sister you never had and puts you hip to all the cool adult spots you’re just getting old enough to get into. You probably met her at work or was cool with her in high school and now she’s your right hand homegirl.

4. Long Distance Bestie


I have a best friend like this who I only see 1-2 times a year but we literally keep each other up to date on our lives and when we do link up it feels like no time has passed. The older we get the more our friends will move all over the country/world so I feel like almost everyone has or will have a long distance bestie.

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5. The Bougie Bestie

This is the friend who doesn’t play about her hair and makeup and is quick to remind you. The bougie friend isn’t on the scene unless she looks the part and even helps you out when you’re together. This type of friend is super dramatic but is necessary in certain situations.

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