5 Things You’re Thinking About Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Getting Back Together

When photos leaked recently of Miley Cyrus out with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, who she was undeniably visiting in Australia for the holidays, our minds went bezerk. As girls obsessing over celebrity sweethearts and comparing their love stories to our very own, there’s a couple things that come to mind when you find out about the most unexpected Hollywood reunion.

1. There really is hope! I know what you’re thinking. If they can rehash things, so can you and your ex-boo who also left you for another girl that he was seeing while you two were still engaged. No shade Liam, but no, you can’t. We’ve already talked about this, getting back with your ex is a bad idea. If it went terribly wrong the first time, what makes you think it’ll be amazing the second time?

2. Why now? It seems like it’s been ages since the Last Song came out. I mean, we’ve had Bangerz, and Dead Petz since then, and those alone are some drastically different phases for Miley alone. When you break up with someone, you change a lot over that course of time. Sometimes when you and that person who you used to know so well reunite, you realize you might be completely different people than you were when you were together. So why now?

3. Has Liam seen the ‘BB Talk’ video? I think that might be my biggest question, considering it’s not the sexiest video Miley has put out lately. And she also very well could be referring to him in the song as “her last dickhead.”

4. Miley, you were doing so good! We all feel like we know exactly how hard it was for Miley to get over Liam, when in reality we have no idea. But in some ways we can empathize as girls who know what it’s like to go through a seemingly impossible heartbreak. Miley seemed like she was finally in a very good (and single) place. Once you start seeing someone again, it’s twice as hard to get over them the second time.

5. Fuck it, maybe it’s true love. On one hand, the pessimistic, “fuck-all-men” hand, we want to say “Screw Liam!” and continue cheering on Miley as the coolest single stoner who’s taking over the world solely by not giving a fuck. However, that other googley-eyed, romantic hand always comes back to slap us when we least expect it, and has us hoping for the Nicholas Sparks-esque wedding we never got to see. Ultimately, we can only hope Miley is doing what makes her happy, and if that’s Liam, then fuck it. Just don’t start texting your long lost ex “When I Look At You” lyrics.

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