5 Things You’ll Experience After Watching ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Straight Outta Compton is one of the most incredible movies I have seen in years. Before I went to see it, I asked my 50 year old dad how he felt about rap music. He told me he had never really been a fan because of its explicit and negative lyrics. I then asked him about the time NWA started to produce their music and how he felt about it. He told me how it started havoc and many people didn’t understand how this group was so famous. The music was different and people were going crazy for the lyrics, especially the youth. Straight Outta Compton “tells the story of the group that popularized gangsta rap and revolutionized West Coast hip hop, completely changing the shape of the music industry that is still relevant today.” After seeing the movie, all I said to my dad was that his perspective and opinion of rap music and the fame of NWA would change completely if he saw the movieHere’s a summation of what I thought while watching the film:

1. The minute you get home, you will log onto Youtube and listen to every single one of NWA’s songs, then cry because half of them don’t exist for your Soundcloud playlist…

2. You’ll find yourself cheering with NWA’s performance of “Fuck The Police”. Especially because of all the recent headlining news surrounding police brutality.

3. Dr Dre is the baddest bitch who’s ever lived, and he’s probably smarter than a modern day Harvard grad.

4. You’ll realize your next splurge should be something from his Beats collection.

5. Tears will uncontrollably leave your eyes when Eazy E passes away, then the appreciation for this film and how hard these rappers worked to get where they are today will hit you, hard.

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