Rihanna’s Instagram – 5 Things We Miss

I’m sure everyone misses Rihanna’s Instagram, BUT we miss it way more, we’re like the original people that missed it, want proof? We haven’t got any but whatever take our word for it. Here’s 5 things we really miss.

Rihanna smoking weed
All of the stoners in my high school rarely showered and wore cargo shorts year round. If only they took a few lessons from Rihanna – nobody can make rolling a blunt look as sexy as she can.
Rhianna Rolling Blunt

Rihanna going to Barbados
It’s weird missing someone because you won’t see them going on holiday. But when you look as good as she does in her vacation photos, who can resist? This outfit is to die for!
Rihanna Sexy

Rihanna being racy
You love naked Rihanna. We love naked Rihanna. Everybody loves naked Rihanna. That’s all.
Rihanna Naked

Rihanna wearing grills
Rihanna looks BAAAAAD with grills -0 not bad meaning terrible but like “i’m a bad bitch” bad or like “bad bitch contest you’re in first place” bad.
Rihanna Grill

Rihanna taking selfies 
No duck face, no sparrow lips, just pure elegance & class. If only every celeb could show that kind of grace taking selfies.
Rihanna Selfie

**UPDATE** Since originally publishing this article, Rihanna FINALLY reactivated her instagram,so we can all rejoice. You can find it at https://instagram.com/badgalriri/ @badgalriri From all of us here at Galore, Thank you RiRi!

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