5 Things We Love To Wear That Guys Hate (And We Don’t Really Care)

Something ironic? No one has a worse sense of style than a guy, and yet we always somehow find ourselves being critiqued by them. “Lol, where did the rest of your shirt go?”, “Nice skirt, did you just leave school?”, “I can barely see you under that sweater? What size is that?”. Boys say a lot of dumb things, but nothing is sadder than when they try to talk fashion. Magazines love to tell us what to wear to get guys interested, but the thing is? We just don’t care! Here are a few things we are never going to stop wearing, no matter how much they hate us for it.

Boyfriend Jeans


They are comfortable and adorably grungy and we love them! But guys don’t get them. They want us in skin tight jeans, and yes we love wearing those too but nothing is better than a pair of baggy jeans that you can fit a pair of leggings under during the winter. Men aren’t the only ones who can rock a pair of too big jeans anymore.



Men just can’t seem to make up their mind. They want tight pants and no pant is tighter than a pair of leggings but for them this look is too sloppy, not cute enough. You know what? A girl in a chunky sweater and a pair of black leggings is adorable and not only that extremely warm and comfortable. Only a dumb boy wouldn’t appreciate a sweet sight like that. ::Hint::Hint::



Certainly there are men who love heels but one of the most disgusting things I have ever witnessed was a man talking about how unattractive it is to him when a woman is taller than him. Sucks for you dude, we women love towering over our lessers. And if you have a problem? We have plenty of men short and tall who want a woman confident enough to rock a pair of stiletto heeled Louboutins.



Denim rompers, leather rompers. Some are saying that rompers are over but there are a few of us who still love to rock them. Maybe it’s the fact that there is no easy access when you are wearing one but boys just seem to hate the things. Well, if a guy can’t figure out how to get you out of a romper, he probably doesn’t deserve to be undressing you in the first place.

Maxi Dresses


This is an obvious one. Guys don’t like to see us all covered up. But a woman who can look sexy in a floor length, high necked black dress? Iconic. And no boy should ever tell you otherwise.

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