5 Things To Never Forget About Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is now a married woman, which makes us reflect on where Kim has come from. She’s had a long arduous journey in the world of reality TV and celebrity, but now has our lord savior Yeezus to show for it. Here’s some thing we’ll never forget about the reality queen.

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She was Paris Hilton’s assistant
LOL- this is funny because we all know Kim has done a better job at being a reality queen than Paris. Well, at least I think so- I mean she’s married to Kanye West HELLLLOOOO.

Paris parties in Las Vegas with Kim Kardashian

She did Playboy
I mean of course she did, and I mean that in the best possible way.


She used to look like this
Obvs she way more manicured now, but I’m sorry Kim still looks fly to me here.


She did a sex tape with Ray J
The fact people still give a shit about this is hilarious.


She’s a millionaire
Yes bitches, she’s richer than you. So leave Kim alone.

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