Young And Beautiful: 5 Things To Do Before You’re Too Old To Do Them!

I don’t know about you, but more and more so I find myself growing into the person who my parents warned me against when I was younger. Oddly enough, I do not feel the least bit ashamed or concerned. I suppose that my actions do walk the line between a downward spiral and a simple rollercoaster of youthful enjoyment, but I feel that that is just a sign that I am living my life in good balance. I fill my time with free spirited fun, but do not let it cross the line. I think that our elders are too quick to label certain things bad when in reality there are only experiences which have both right and wrong ways to partake in them. I have compiled a list of experiences which we are generally warned away from which I think are actually important to have when you are young. So here is the list, with my personal advice on how best to go about each in the safest way possible. Tread carefully kids!

1. Eat junk food: Eat. Eat all of it. All that you want. Now is the time to do it. You are young, you are hot. You wont be that way your whole life (unless you are Jessica Lange), so take full advantage now! Eat the whole pint of ice cream. Choose French fries. Not every day and certainly not both in one day, but indulging in one “bad” thing everyday is not going to kill you or make you fat. So do it. Have the last brownie, eat carbs. Gluten free is for the elderly or those with Celiac’s disease. Bread is fine. It’s even better with butter.
2. Stay out all night: As a college student, I have a lot of early mornings (6 days a week of early mornings to be exact). I could be going to bed at 9 pm every night, but if the choice is truly school, sleep or social life, I am willing to drink coffee throughout the day. I am a busy girl with many obligations and many friends to see. I get tired, but that’s why Sunday is the day of rest.
3. Do not be monogamous: I look forward to getting married… someday. Someday very far away. I will certainly not be getting married in college so why should I marry myself to a significant other now? In fact, how else am I supposed to find said significant other if I consign myself to one person? A lot of my friends are in “serious relationships” and that is fine. I respect that. But in exchange all I ask is that I be respected for taste testing the selection in my own way. My eyes have always been bigger than my stomach.
4. Get a tattoo: If I am being asked to choose a career for the rest of my life at the age of 20, then I think I am responsible enough to choose what I want on my skin at the age of 20. I already have 3 tattoos and I can already confidently say that not only do I not regret them now, but I am sure that I will not regret them in the future either. Tattoos are beautiful, and the stories that they tell about someone’s life are even more so.
5. Get Drunk: Because you wont be able to go out every night and do it when you are 30. That is the time when you are supposed to have a full time job, pay your bills and possibly have a family. Right now, you need not do any of those things. So go wild now! You are young, you are free. Take that extra shot, pass out in front of your building (if you have friends to carry you inside). You are creating memories, and whether they make you laugh or cry, these are the times that get us through the boring years. Live them to the fullest.
Written by: Amanda Lang 

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