5 Things That Are Definitely Gonna Happen While Chris Brown Is In Jail

Chris “Breezy” Brown has been jailed (AGAIN) for punching a stranger outside of a DC hotel room after the singers concert’s yesterday. As Chris is still on parole after his incident with on-again, off-again girlfriend, Rihanna, the charge could carry a 4 year sentence if the singer is found guilty. Regardless of whether or not he serves the full sentence, we (HOPE) think this is what’ll happen during the singer’s stay in the district!

5. He’ll probz be really sad and cry a lil bit..
4. Then be like f*** it, and start a dance crew..
3. He wins, of course, and the prize is taking the Top Dog’s bitch..
2. He’ll DEFINITELY sex him up a few times..
1. Get out (after a night) and do a lil dance!!!

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