5 Things No One Tells You About Hooking Up With An Athlete

There was once a time when jocks got all the girls. Every chick in every 90’s movie wanted to date the quarterback, and guys could actually get away with wearing gym shorts outside the gym. However, times have changed; the mysterious artist scores just as much poon as the loud-mouthed basketball player, but there’s still something different about banging an athlete.

Let me clarify by saying that I mean a real athlete. Not to say that dudes that play club sports or simply hit the gym aren’t athletic, but college and professional athletes are simply another breed of humans. While you’re probably lusting after the olympic swimmer because of his perfect body, there are plenty of other reasons why athletes just do it differently (no pun intended).

1. They’re Competitive About, Well, Everything

Overly-competitive dudes can certainly be annoying, but it’s not his fault his childhood consisted of his dad yelling at him from the sidelines constantly. Instead, take advantage of his competitiveness in the bedroom. An athlete is going to try to be the best hookup you’ve ever had, and try to break some of your “personal” records. If you’ve only come twice while banging? He’s going to try to go for three.

2. They Take Constructive Criticism Well

We all know that guys’ egos are precious little things. It’s hard to communicate to a guy what you want in bed without hurting his feelings or pissing him off. If any guy is going to respond to this well, it’s an athlete. Why? He’s used to his coach giving pointers. Even though he might resent it, he knows that it’ll enhance his game in the end. Same goes for being in bed, he might not want to hear it, but he’ll be thankful when he’s making you scream.

3. Morning Session is a Must

If you love morning quickies, you’ll love dating an athlete. While your ex was too lazy to even wake up before noon (let alone turn you on), athletes are pros at waking up at the crack of dawn and getting physical. Whether you’re into having a quickie before he leaves for morning lifting, or just want some morning nookie on a hungover Saturday morning, an athlete is no stranger to “up and at ’em.”

4. Charlie Horses Happen 

If your man stops mid-thrust with a yelp of pain, it’s not because you’re too tight (sorry), it’s probably because of his training regimen. While athletes have fantastic bodies and killer stamina, they also get sore from all that fitness. It’s not completely uncommon for your bone session to be disturbed by a charlie horse, or for you to have to get on top ‘cuz your man’s legs are so sore from yesterday’s match. If you’re good at giving massages he might almost love that more than your ability to give awesome head.

5. Post Game  Can Go Both Ways

If your dude loses his match, he might just take it out on your nether regions (but is that really a bad thing?). If he wins, a victory bone sesh is the cherry on top of his post-game euphoria. Basically, win or lose, it’s a win-win for you.

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