5 Things It’s Okay To Do On Halloween

One of the things that I love about Halloween is that on this holiday, the world seems to take on the vibe of a whole different universe. It becomes a place where anything is possible. Monsters walk the earth and magic is all around you. There is a frenzy of fun and something wicked in the air. Anything goes. So I give you my blessing to have fun tomorrow in the most insane way possible. But don’t take it outside of the Halloween season my darlings, lest you be crucified or sent to the asylum for being out of your head! Here are 5 things that are ok to do on Halloween, but never outside of the holiday:

1. Walk around in lingerie: As I have said before, I love sexy, provocative dress (especially on Halloween!) but unfortunately my loves, I do not condone walking around in nothing but a bra and underwear unless it is All Hallows. On Halloween, you can be topless for all that I care (in fact this is legal in New York, I have checked!) but please loves, for your own comfort and safety, at the very least wear a crop top during the school day.
2. Wear fairy wings to class/work: I plan on wearing my costume all day tomorrow! However on any other day of the year, you may get an awkward sideways glance for dressing up as a ghoul or goblin in public. So, let us keep the costumes consigned to this holiest of days. Or at the very least make it a small pair of wings any other day of the year.
3. Eat nothing but candy: Tomorrow I encourage you to go all out! Make a sugar coma your goal, but unfortunately, the rest of the year, it is healthier if you tone it down on the sweets. Limit it to one piece a day perhaps. Your health (and sexy physique) will thank you.
4. Day drink on a school/work day: And by that I mean in class, between class, in front of the teacher/boss, with the teacher/boss– it is Halloween! I urge you to get WASTED!! Shamelessly so. But the rest of the year, a certain amount of discretion is expected, and not only that but for the most part, civilazion does require you to get some work done. So tomorrow,drink irresponsibly, but for the rest of the year, try to keep it to nights and weekends for the most part.
5. Embody your inner demon: Be evil, be crazy, reep havoc on innocent bystander. It is the day of devil bitches and all Hell is breaking lose! I think on Halloween, everyone deserves to act a little bit demonish but I just don’t think the world could handle it if we were to act like this everyday of the year so for the sake of the rest of the world, let it all out today, and then give everyone a break for a little while afterwards. Deal? Have fun kids!

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