5 Signs You’re Falling For Your F*ck-Buddy

Love and sex. They’re two completely different things, but tend to be intertwined quite closely, whether we want them to or not. Casual sex isn’t for everyone. And sometimes the guy who you want to be your one night stand ends up being the guy you fall for. So how do you know if you’re heading into the point of no return? Here are signs that you’re falling for your f*ck buddy:

1. You Get Upset If He Doesn’t Hit You Up

Yes, we all get horny. It’s natural to be less than pleased if you’re not getting laid. However, it’s a different story if you’re waiting for a specific someone to text you at 2 am, and when he doesn’t you feel rejected.

2. You Only Want Him

Consistence can be key when it comes to good sex. It’s natural (especially as a chick) to not want to sleep with a new guy every night. But if a new hottie comes along and says all the right things, yet you’re still thinking about your usual booty call, you might be starting to like him for more than his dick.

3. You Crave More Than Just Sex

You’re not a hooker unless you’re getting paid. If a guy comes over, f*cks you, and leaves right after it can leave you feeling used. But if it didn’t bother you before and it suddenly is bothering you, it might be something else. If you find yourself suddenly wanting to sleep over or invite him out with your friends, you’re venturing into feeling territory.

4. You Find Reasons To Talk About Him 

If you’re mentioning him for any other reason besides his perfectly sized cock or the amazing shower sex you had last night, you’re falling for him. Plain and simple.

5. There’s Always Something More You Wish He’d Say

You feel like you’re waiting for something from him (no, not for him to cum). That’s probably because you’re waiting for the day that he wants you for more than just sex, that he tells you that you’re awesome and he wants to date you. Unfortunately, he’s much more likely to say “you’re so hot and I want to put it in your a**.

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