5 Signs He Ain’t That Into It, Girl


Rula Al-Nasrawi is a Columbia Graduate whose writing has appeared in Vice, The Atlantic, and other online publications. Her first language is valley girl. Californian bred, NYC residing. @RulaOfTheWorld.



So you just met the coolest guy ever. He’s attractive, funny, smart, and you both share a mutual obsessive admiration for Taco Bell. You guys exchange numbers, you maybe even go out together or hookup a few times. Ok. But here is where everything starts to falls apart. Suddenly, after days, weeks, maybe even a month or two, something changes. You can’t really put your finger on it, but all of a sudden this dude seems a little less excited about you. I honestly can’t tell you why this happens, but I can definitely tell you that it does. The only advice I can offer y’all is to simply walk away from anyone who isn’t as into you as they should be. You’re a queen and you know you deserve better. Here are some signs that this “Mr. Right” may already have one foot out the door.

Incredibly Boring Text Convos
Ok look. None of us are looking for manuscript-length texts because, ain’t nobody got time for that. But if the guy you’re talking to starts sending you responses like “Lol.” “Cool.” and “Nice.” then you’re probably in text purgatory for a reason and should get out ASAP. Also if this person just never responds to you at all, like ever, they’re also probably no longer that into it. Maybe it was because you invited the guy wig shopping with you and he thought things were getting too serious? Maybe it was because you called him out on being cryptic and he didn’t feel like dealing with your wrath? Whatever the case, this text conversation is boring so why are you still having it?


He Doesn’t Seem To Care If You Hangout Or Not
Whatever. It’s all the same to him. This guy could be watching B-list movies on his big screen with a bong in between his legs or he could be with you. Same diff right? It’s obvious when this is the case when all this person does is text you and have empty conversations, all the while you’re thinking this is leading to some sort of face to face interaction with this person. But yeah, it’s probably not. Even if it is, who wants to spend time with someone that’s like “Oh yeah! I forgot about you for three months, but there’s nothing good on Comedy Central so yeah let’s hangout I guess!” Help.


He Rejects You On Every Social Media Platform
So this isn’t too bad if the guy doesn’t really use social media that much. But if he’s always on the gram or posting statuses on Facebook, then I’m sorry girly but he’s not interested in being online friends with you, because he’s already backing off. Think about it. If you were into someone, and you knew they would be in the picture for at least a few months, why wouldn’t you be down to be friends on social media? He might also think that you’re an agent sent to spy on him, but either way his complete cyber rejection is social suicide, so don’t even think about adding him on SnapChat.


He’s Always Busy
Look. No one is busy 24 hours 7 days a week and if they are they shouldn’t be trying to date around, let’s be real. Is he an astronaut residing in a moon crater with bad cell phone reception? Is he a cowboy who spends 11 months out of the year on his ranch herding cattle? What is this guy doing that’s constantly keeping him away from your beautiful face? If he all of a sudden becomes swamped with work, don’t sit around wondering what you said or did that turned him off. Stop wasting your time thinking and just slowly back away from this person and let him get back to that oh so busy life of his.


He Ignores You In Public
HELLO? No wait, literally “Hello?” because this person isn’t looking at you or acting like you exist let alone acting like you were just spooning 14 hours prior. No one is looking for a public clinger let’s be real. But if this guy is looking at everyone BUT you when you’re out together, run for the goddam hills. What hell am I in where we are hanging out with people that may or may not be embarrassed to be seen with us? Gross. Not quite sure why this guy invited you out to ignore you, but I do know that if his attention is elsewhere then so is his interest in you. Honestly girls, if someone isn’t sure about you and already has one foot out the door, then help a guy out and show them the nearest emergency exit.


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