5 Sexy Lingerie Styles

Clothes are meant to be broadcast to the world the person who you are, or rather the person you want them to see you as. In a sense, clothing is almost always a costume and you are playing a character. There is always a certain degree of showmanship involved in the face that we show to the world. The same is true of lingerie. If you are playing a character correctly, you want to embody them from the inside out and this includes what you wear under your garb. After all, dressing up may be fun, but getting undressed can be even more so. Here are five lingerie styles for the character you want to play tonight.

Dark Princess

If you are the weirdo goth girl who adores black lipstick and long dark skirts,  you are going to want to look like the black loving babe you are even when the clothes come off. The goth look translates especially well into bras and panties as there is almost always a lot of black lace and garters involved. You are the type that loves intricate designs on you lingerie and perhaps a good bit of beading. But almost always, there is a corset involved.

Flower Child

This type of gal is usually just as happy to go braless but even flower children have need of some sexy underthings too. For this style, not much padding is needed, in fact a bralette is usually a good choice. Lacy white with perhaps a rosebud or two is all you need. Then again, no underwear can sometimes be even more exciting.

Romantic Beauty

Shades of pink are always a good choice for this one, as are floral designs. Light padding does the trick of making you feel like a goddess while also letting your natural feminine wiles take the spotlight. And just a hint of lace trimming to highlight the ensemble- or rather lack of one.

Sex Goddess

This is the look that you will be going for when you have someone extremely attractive waiting in your bed. For this look, you are going to want to be walking sex. Red and black lace are your best bet and as much padding as your boobs can handle! Sheer lace for the panties is recommended and a garter belt never hurt anyone. Though it does have its possibilities…

Pinup Babe

Corsets are a must for this one! As are thigh highs, garter, essentially every lingerie accessory you can imagine. If you want to emulate the likes of Betty Paige, you must go all out! The final product? Vintage vixen. Lingerie, like clothing is about playing a character. But truly, it is about wearing what makes you feel comfortable, sexy and confident. When it comes to bras and panties, the best advice for any character you want to portray- is to wear whatever the f*** you want, as long as you are having fun in it.


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