5 Reasons Your New Boyfriend Is Nothing Like Your Last

Ok, so your last boyfriend was a total asshole. But that DOES NOT MEAN that every guy in the world is also an asshole. So now you’ve met a new guy, this is what you need to remember to save you from going crazy:

Just because the last guy used your rent money to buy him and his best friend first class flights to Vegas does not mean your new boyfriend is out to take all your money. If your man short of a tip for the pizza delivery guy – just give him ten bucks already!


It doesn’t matter if your ex used to say the bed smelt like perfume cause he wanted it to remind him of you… when really it was because he’d banged his secretary in it the night before. Your new guy will think it’s VERY weird if you keep smelling the pillows before bedtime.


Get a grip woman – that bra IS yours. You just haven’t worn it in forever. Not every guy hoards underwear belonging to other women in their laundry basket.


Not every dude walks around with calling cards of strippers in their wallet – so STOP GOING THROUGH YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND’S POCKETS LOOKING FOR THEM. There are some guys out there who actually don’t need to pay girls to take their clothes off.


So your last guy was a drunk. This does not mean you need to panic when your new boyfriend is going to meet his friends at a bar.
It is highly unlikely you’ve found another man who’s nights out result in you being called up by the police the next morning asking you to go bail him out.


So quit your hating and cut your new man friend some slack there actually are some good ones out there.

Lexi Rose is a writer based in London, but actually has multiple professions including being an expert in how to maintain relationships in different environments and getting rid of guys that are obsessed with you. Follow her @MissLexiRose and read her tumblr here.

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