5 Reasons Why We Love Miley (And You Should Too)!

By now, most pop music buffs (and those who simply enjoy feeding their pop culture cravings) have heard about Miley Cyrus’ latest antics in Amsterdam at the MTV EMA awards on Saturday. Miley is famous for quite a bit. Her high profile relationship and consequent breakup with Liam Hemsworth, her twerktastic dance moves, not to mention her powerful voice. She can either be loved or hated, there is no in between. But the virulence with which some hate her can be quite disturbing. They call her racist, trashy, and dumb, but as an unashamed Miley lover, I feel that I must defend those comments. So here are 5 reasons why you should love Miley:

1. Her talent: You can’t deny it, the girl can sing! Ever since her performance of Wrecking Ball on Saturday Night Live it has been clear that this girl has a voice that rivals Christina Aguilera’s. Say what you want about her dancing skills, this girl may be no Britney Spears but do not try to say that she is just another talentless Disney star.

2. A head for business: I personally feel that it is obvious that her publicity stunts are just that: stunts! She has even said that her VMA performance was meant to garner attention for her upcoming album release and it did just f***ing that! She was all that people were talking about for months afterward and she truly proved the saying “Any publicity is good publicity”.


3. Confident in her Femininity: People call Miley trashy, the anti-feminist (the anti-christ but those people are just insane). However, I personally feel that when a young woman takes control of her own sexuality it should be viewed as an inspiration. She is wielding her feminine power in a way that most women fear to. The reason why people lash out at “sluts” is because that sort of confidence and strength makes them fearful. I respect Miley for her confident sexiness and I admire it!

4. Hard worker: The woman is everywhere! At award shows, releasing a music video nearly every week, working on collaborations. She isn’t out partying every night and shopping during the day. She puts time and effort into her music and it shows!

5. Confidence: I would never call Miley a role model but her confidence is something that every young woman should look up to. She stands by and defends her beliefs, she never lets anyone put her down and she rocks anything and everything that she wears ( no matter how ridiculous). That confidence is something everyone should aspire to.

Written by: Amanda Lang

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