5 Real Stories of Hooking Up With Celebs

One of my favorite things on the Internet is the reddit threads about hooking up with celebrities.

I live to hear about juicy hookup stories, especially ones with famous people. Most had to sign NDAs, so they don’t share the stories out of fear. So I dug into my personal experiences, and some of my friend’s to share some stories.

1. Backstage Lovin’

“It was Coachella weekend, and he was part of a band that was performing at the festival. It was the last night and he texted me to meet him right then, making it super urgent. I drunkenly left my friends and ran to meet up with him at the backstage gate. He slapped a wristband on me that would get me anywhere at the festival. We went back to his artist trailer where the band’s name was written in glitter letter on a piece of paper. Not as glamorous as everyone would think. He locked the door of his small ass trailer, and I knew it was about to go down. We started making out heavily on the couch and I could hear Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg performing feet away on the main stage. I was pretty distracted due to the rap performance I was missing, so we ended our make out session and went to the main stage.”

2. Dirty Pop

“One of my close friends got invited to go to this artist’s mansion, and asked me to go with. When we arrived to his place huge security guards took our phones and escorted us in. It was him and a friend. We were all just smoking a shit ton of weed, which was the best weed of my life and he was singing to us. My friend started hooking up with his friend, and homeboy took me on tour of his crib. I ended up giving this pop star a blow job in his theatre room.”

3. How Many Parties Is That?

“I once had sex with this girl that was an ex-Disney Star at a party after a party in LA.”

4. Raya Really Does Work

“We matched on Raya actually in LA and I ended up giving him my number. We were texting about meeting up during coachella that upcoming weekend. When the weekend arrived it was basically impossible to meet up. We were at different day parties, and he was performing. It was the day after Coachella and I met up with him at the ACE hotel. He fell in love with me lol, I’m not kidding. We ended up having sex and spending the next two days together. We were drinking hard alcohol, eating pizza, and only leaving the hotel to go to bars. One of that bars being this secret show in Joshua Tree. Long story short I ended up breaking his heart and have not heard from him since.”

5. The Pizza Girl

“Sooooo, I had a huge crush on this celeb. This was the early days of insta before videos and DMs and shit, but she slid into my DMs. I gave her my number or 10pm, and then she texted me says she’s coming to pick me up. She pick me up 1 a.m. in her Bentley and we start heading back to LA. After showing me around her amazing house she very casually asked if I wanted to go to bed. It’s close to 3:30 at this point and so far nothing has happened. We both fall asleep and then at around 5 a.m. her cat jumped on the bed and woke us both up. As we are rolling over to look at the cat, we start making out and next thing clothes start coming off. This is when I do the most gentlemanly thing I’ve ever done in my life. I stop her and say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to sleep with you if this is a one time thing, I really like you and I’m not into one night stands.’

“We had sex for hours and I put on the worst performance of my life, I don’t know if i was tired or it was nerves or what but I went soft on her about three or four times, and we went for hours and I didn’t bust. I ended up kinda giving up and going back to sleep. I woke up again at about 10am and she is up and getting dressed, she puts a pizza in the oven for me and tells me she has to fly out of the state and leaves me in her house and goes to the airport. We never hooked up again.”

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