5 Real Girls Share The Creepiest Things To Go Down In Their DMs

Your current boyfriend may have hooked you by sliding into your DMs (direct messages), but maybe you haven’t done all your research. I’m not saying your dude is a cheating douche, but perhaps listening to Yo Gotti’s new single “Down In The DM” might be a beneficial thing. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Snapchat, there’s some weird shit going down. We talked to 5 real girls about their experiences, good and bad, with the direct message system.

1. The Long Time Admirer

“My boyfriend who I’ve been with for almost two years now slid into my DM’s via Facebook. We’d both mutually followed each other for a while, but we both knew he was much older than I was. When he saw I had turned 18, he decided to make his move. We never directly interacted and we weren’t even living in the same town at the time, but I kind of always had a crush on him, and he obviously had one on me. We talked for months on end and when he was finally moving back to LA, he drove straight to me, I opened the door, and I kissed him. Two years later, still no catfish.”  – Taylor

2. The F*ckboy

“One time, a guy I had thought was cute for a while finally sent me a DM on Instagram. Out of excitement, I texted my friend to tell her right away, and then the dude and I exchanged numbers. Literally, the first time I hung out with him (and a mutual friend), his friend inquired about another girl they knew and he whipped out his phone and said, ‘I’ll DM her right now.’ I looked at him and said, ‘So this is just how you do things?’ He turned out to be a f*ckboy anyway.” – Emma

3. The Rekindled Old Flame

“This happened in a super weird order, but a guy I knew and was friends with when I went to school in Chicago ended up sliding into my DMs after I moved to LA. He was still living in Detroit at the time. We had never dated or anything before, but we started talking and one thing led to another and soon we really started to like each other. He was already moving to LA in a couple months so it was only a matter of time before I would be able to have the real deal. He moved to LA and he’s my boyfriend now. Thank god I already knew him. I don’t know if I could’ve held out for that long otherwise.” – Michelle 

4. The Stranger In A Stranger City

“A dude from NYC who I’d never met before slid into my DM’s a long time ago. Out of curiosity, I messaged him back. Nothing really came of it. However, recently we started talking regularly. The only way to find out if he didn’t DM on the regular was to spy on him at work. I have friends in high places, so I asked about him. The report came back very good, so we’ll see where it goes.” – Olivia

5. The Snapchat Hustler 

“I was in love with this dude for a little while, like in love, and strangely one of his friends started following me on Snapchat. My unattainable lover was always out of town due to traveling, so I’d begun to accept that we were never going to happen. Then his friend and I started flirting via Snapchat. He lived in San Francisco and I lived in LA, but eventually I made plans to fly out and see him. We became so infatuated with each other that we started seeing each other every weekend. Safe to say, I never snapchatted him the goods before I actually gave him the goods, but I totally forgot all about his friend.” – Brittany

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